A judge said that the Secretary of Education must verify or deny charters' invoices.

Court says Holodick must rule on charter school payments 

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A Delaware Superior Court judge has ruled that the state secretary of education must verify or deny invoices for special needs services for students sent from charter schools to districts. The opinion said there was not enough information for him to order the state to pay the $4 million for which the Delaware Charter Schools Network and 11 charters sued …

Education Secretary Mark Holodick has been sued by 11 charter schools over alleged financial dues. (Unsplash)

Charter Schools sue Holodick over special ed payments

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The Delaware Charter Schools Network, 11 charter schools and the Delaware secretary of education are waiting on a judge‚Äôs ruling in a lawsuit about $4 million in tax revenue the charters say they are due. The network and the 11 charter schools sued Education Secretary Mark Holodick in Kent County Superior Court in July to get the money and to …

Supreme Court of Delaware

DE Supreme Court explains decision to overturn vote-by-mail

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In a 69-page decision that cited versions of Delaware constitutions dating back to 1776, the state‚Äôs Supreme Court this week explained its ruling overturning mail-in voting and same-day voter registration laws passed by the General Assembly earlier this year.¬† The state‚Äôs highest court in October unanimously ruled the statutes unconstitutional but issued an abbreviated order due to time constraints imposed …


Gun group asks court to halt semi-auto, magazine bans

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Delaware‚Äôs top Second Amendment advocacy group on Tuesday asked a federal court to halt enforcement of several gun bans passed earlier this year. The Delaware State Sportsmen‚Äôs Association filed a brief asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware to issue a preliminary injunction halting House Bill 450 and Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6, calling both …


Walmart agrees to $3.1B opioid settlement, $11.8M goes to DE

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Walmart announced Tuesday that the company has agreed to a $3.1 billion settlement to resolve a nationwide lawsuit brought by states, tribes and municipalities over its role in the opioid crisis. Delaware stands to receive up to $11.8 million under the terms of the settlement framework. The lawsuit alleged that Walmart exacerbated the opioid addiction crisis by failing to appropriately …


Google to pay Delaware $4.3M in location tracking settlement

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Google agreed to a $391.5 million settlement with 40 states Monday over charges that the company tracked users‚Äô location data even when asked not to.¬† Delaware will receive more than $4.3 million from the settlement. The money will go toward the Delaware Department of Justice‚Äôs Consumer Protection Fund, allowing it to do future work without drawing on taxpayer dollars. Attorney …

Gun laws

Carney admin hit with another lawsuit over new gun bans

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Delaware‚Äôs top Second Amendment advocacy group has filed a lawsuit challenging new legislation that forbids 18, 19 and 20-year-olds from purchasing and owning most firearms.¬† The law is one of several passed by the General Assembly at the end of the last legislative session — and one of many being challenged in courts due to questions surrounding their constitutionality.¬† Other …

Mail-in voting

Is mail-in voting unconstitutional? Chancery judge to decide

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Delaware‚Äôs mail-in voting law was the subject of a four-hour-long hearing before the state‚Äôs Court of Chancery Wednesday. Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook will now decide whether the new law violates the state Constitution by allowing voters to cast their ballots from a place other than their designated polling location without having an allowed excuse under the Constitution‚Äôs absentee voting provision. …

Vote by mail

Mail-in voting lawsuits set for court hearing Wednesday

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Two lawsuits challenging Delaware‚Äôs mail-in voting system will be the subject of a hearing in the Delaware Court of Chancery Wednesday.¬† The suits were brought on behalf of numerous plaintiffs by GOP chair Jane Brady and Republican candidate for attorney general Julianne Murray. Brady and Murray are representing the plaintiffs in their capacities as private attorneys ‚ÄĒ not on behalf …

India Scott is suing Alex and Finn Dyer for an incident that involved Finn and her son, Charles, during a dodgeball game.

Caesar Rodney student, father sued over gym dodgeball incident

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The mother of a Caesar Rodney School District seventh-grader has sued another parent claiming his son repeatedly hit her son during a gym class game of dodgeball, leaving her child with a traumatic brain injury and medical expenses. On April 29, India Scott, mother of Charles Cottman, filed the lawsuit against Alex Dyer and his son, ninth-grader Finn Dyer, asking …