Caesar Rodney High School's culinary team took home first place in a national competition and it's fifth straight state title. (From top left, clockwise): Melia Stamper, Ralph Figueroa, Shannon Powell, Zoe Rowe and Carys Raber.

Caesar Rodney’s 5x state culinary winners win national title

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Just a few minutes of talking to the Caesar Rodney High School culinary team makes it clear why they are state champs for the fifth straight year and now winners of the 2024 National ProStart Invitational. The sense of family within the team mixed with a strong, experienced leader and a passion for the art of cooking brings the group …

Three Delaware schools were named Purple Star Schools this week. (Photo by jacoblund/iStock Getty Images)

Military student support earns 3 schools Purple Star status

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The same week the legislature moved forward with a bill giving military-connected students priority in school choice decisions, the state announced its Purple Star Schools.  Delaware’s Department of Education announced Thursday that First State Military Academy, along with Caesar Rodney School District’s Caesar Rodney High School and Dover Air Force Base Middle School, are the state’s 2024 Purple Star Schools. …

Magnolia parents are petitioning against a ban on manga and the termination of the anime club. (Photo from 'Spirited Away')

Ban of anime club, manga draws ire from Magnolia Middle parents

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Many in the Magnolia Middle School community are upset about a recent ban on manga and the termination of the anime club. A petition with nearly 2,000 signatures is circulating, asking the school, which is part of the Caesar Rodney School District, to reinstate the club and allow manga books. Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan, and …

board associaton Delaware School Board association

School board members question value of state association 

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Some Delaware school district boards are questioning what they get from their membership in the Delaware School Boards Association. The cost of joining is not insignificant. In Caesar Rodney School District’s July board meeting, John Marinucci, former executive director of DSBA, said it would cost the district $10,500 per year to be part of the association, That includes a discount …

Teacher absenteeism is affecting different districts in unique ways.

Teacher absenteeism calls for staff flexibility, strategies

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A human resources director for the largest school district in Sussex County shocked a House Education Committee hearing in April when she told them about 300 of its 1,000 educators are off on any given school day. About 800 of those educators are teachers, and their absenteeism rains down problems for the district, said Celeste Bunting, director of human resources …

Saturday's Lake Forest tax referendum passed, with 66% approval.

Lake Forest votes to raise school property taxes 

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Three weeks after Caesar Rodney School District’s tax referendum failed, residents of another Kent County school district overwhelmingly voted to increase property to give their schools additional revenue.  Lake Forest School District, in Felton,voted Saturday to raise school property taxes by 18.90 cents in the 2023-2024 school year, 10.80 cents in 2024-2025 and 37 cents in 2025-2026 – per each …

Lake Forest's referendum is Saturday, May 6.

Lake Forest referendum Saturday on increasing taxes 

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Another Kent County school district is going to referendum this weekend to raise operating revenue and avoid dramatically cutting student services. Felton’s Lake Forest School District is hoping to raise school property taxes by 18.90 cents in the 2023-2024 school year, 10.80 cents in 2024-2025 and 37 cents in 2025-2026 – per each $100 of assessed home value. If the …

Caesar Rodney residents voted against tax hikes in a referendum Saturday, April 22.

Caesar Rodney referendum results, next steps for district

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The Caesar Rodney School District plans to go to referendum again after their request to raise school taxes by 27.7%, or $211 annually for the average homeowner, failed Saturday. “We believe the results of our recent referendum are not a reflection of our community’s lack of support for the district, rather our need to better clarify needs and the impact …

Caesar Rodney's tax referendum is April 22.

Caesar Rodney residents divided on April 22 tax hike vote 

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Residents of Caesar Rodney School District seem to be divided on April 22’s tax referendum that would increase school property taxes by 27.7%, or about $200 a year on average. The district says the money is needed to help pay for utilities, maintenance, building budgets and staffing. “No way I want my taxes to go up,” said 74-year old Sharon …

Caesar Rodney teaching elementary students gun safety

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Here’s a little known curriculum item: Caesar Rodney School District has been teaching firearm safety to all students in pre-K through fifth grade since 2019. Gun safety is only one section of the five-to-six lesson unit on basic safety that also touches on sexual consent, fire safety, unsafe environments, abuse, pet care and more.  “It was not intended to be …