Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

Iron Hill’s new menu: Regional favorites and lots of shrimp

Pam GeorgeCulture, Headlines

In the early 1990s, brewpubs were an anomaly in Delaware—hard as that is to believe.  Then Stewart’s Brewing Co. in Bear, Dogfish Head Brewery & Eats in Rehoboth Beach and Brandywine Brewing Co. in Greenville quickly opened. (The latter has since closed.) Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant was the tortoise in the local race, owing to the lack of available space. …

Yusuf Shakir holding a plate of food

Balitmore foodie influencer heading to Wilmington

Daniel Larlham Jr.Food, Headlines

Kreskin Jones, the Rideshare Foodie, will be in Wilmington this week.   Social media influencer The Rideshare Foodie will be in Wilmington this week on a mission to sample classic and unique Delaware dishes.  From Tuesday through July 6, Kreskin Jones, known by his internet alias The Rideshare Foodie will be in Delaware as a part of his U.S. tour …