Yusuf Shakir holding a plate of food

Balitmore foodie influencer heading to Wilmington

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Yusuf Shakir holding a plate of food

Kreskin Jones, the Rideshare Foodie, will be in Wilmington this week.


Social media influencer The Rideshare Foodie will be in Wilmington this week on a mission to sample classic and unique Delaware dishes. 

From Tuesday through July 6, Kreskin Jones, known by his internet alias The Rideshare Foodie will be in Delaware as a part of his U.S. tour designed to open people to dining and travel experiences around the country.

His most recent trip took him from Alaska and Seattle along a drive to New York, from which he’ll be traveling to Wilmington.

“I want to provide a reason for people to get out and get more experiences,” Jones said. “I’ve found that the best way to do that is through food.”

One of Jones’s road trip surprises has been how little people knew about the things to do near them, he said.

He has has partnered with the Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau as a part of an ongoing campaign to invite social media influencers to the area with hopes that the experiences shared online will bring in traffic from the surrounding area. 

Jones himself hails from Baltimore, where as Uber and Lyft driver he became more attuned to how much influence food plays in travel and relationships. Since starting his Rideshare Foodie social media posts, he’s gained 17,400 followers on Instagram and 4,000 on Facebook.

The Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes that fact will encourage more people in the region to drive to Wilmington.

Wilmington is not virgin territory for Jones. He lived in the area for a time and worked at the Claymont Home Depot, but said he wasn’t then able to explore all Delaware had to offer. 

While Jones’ itinerary hasn’t been settled by Visit Wilmington, he wants to try some of Delaware’s distinct dishes, such as The Bobbie, the signature Capriotti’s sandwich that’s like Thanksgiving dinner on a bun.

Jones also wants to try places cooking something unique, like the chocolate chili he has seen on one menu.


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