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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Distracted driving added to list on improving highway safety

Officials cited technologies like high-friction surface treatments, rumble strips and ‘automated enforcement’ (that’s bureaucratese for red-light cameras).

Delaware in the 1920s: F. Scott Fitzgerald, ghost-hunting and a few du Ponts

A new novel called ‘Ellerslie’ is a ghost story set in a riverfront mansion in Edgemoor in the Roaring ’20s.

Appo proposes 8:15 start for middle, high students; 9:15 for younger ones

The district school board votes May 11 on the proposal, and it would start this fall.

What to do, expect when you go hunting for a COVID-19 vaccine in Delaware

The best simple advice is to register with the biggest suppliers, because you’ll need an account to schedule and maybe just to see the appointment calendar.

Tough, touching stories of human rights at Dickinson Plantation

‘It can be uncomfortable to tell and hear,’ said supervisor Gloria Henry. ‘It’s very hard to hear some parts of history, but we will never shirk from that.’

Schools hope summer programs, support will avoid students being held back

  Droves of students will not be held back because of interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Delaware educators say. Instead, schools will bear down on core math and English skills. They’re also planning ways to help kids catch up through...

Appoquinimink warms to later start for middle, high schools

The school board on March 15 will live-stream a workshop on its YouTube channel featuring a sleep expert.

They’re baaaackkkkkk. Cicada onslaught is on its way this spring

The cumbersome bugs rarely do much damage, but there will be millions of them per acre.

Gun advocates oppose AG’s legislative agenda, including requiring a permit to buy

Sen. Dave Lawson said her agenda puts rural people at risk because they don't have the same access to law enforcement.

Advocates ask Delaware to prioritize vaccines for Type 1 diabetes

‘I’m getting lots of different answers,” Kathy Butler McDermott said. ‘But not ‘We got it covered.’ Nobody’s saying that.’
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As COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths decline, state stops vaccine waiting list

State health officials said vaccines are so widely available now that its own system is no longer needed.

Body camera training underway in Wilmington as new bill calls for statewide policy

The bill would require all law enforcement and some correction and other officers to wear a body camera

Republicans announce legislation to review voting roll laws, require photo IDs for voting

One measure would require all voters to show photo IDs when they vote or seek an absentee ballot.
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