(Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash)

What to do, expect when you go hunting for a COVID-19 vaccine in Delaware

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(Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash)

(Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash)


The tens of thousands of Delawareans newly authorized to receive COVID-19 vaccines have multiple ways to get appointments.

There are also multiple ways to be frustrated, with websites saying no appointments are available or not performing as expected. (I got my appointment by phone.)

The best simple advice is to register with the biggest suppliers, because you’ll need an account to schedule and maybe just to see the appointment calendar.

The state’s landing page on where to get vaccines offers three hyperlinks, with pharmacies the most promising for those newly authorized – anyone 50 or older, or 16 and older with underlying conditions. Mass vaccination events, as of Tuesday, were listed for age 65+ and essential workers, although one is set for 50-plus people over the weekend of March 26-28.

The link to medical providers didn’t provide help for consumers.

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That page lists in this order Walgreens (with the Moderna vaccine), Rite Aid (Moderna), Camden Pharmacy (Moderna), Aspira Health (Pfizer), Giant (Moderna and Pfizer for second doses), Sam’s Club (Pfizer) and Walmart (no link). Here’s what you’ll find next.

Aspira Health in Lewes: You get sent to a page to schedule. Select “new” patient, “urgent care” and the vaccine. No appointments were available Tuesday.

Camden Pharmacy in Camden: You get sent to a page where you have to provide some information about yourself. Once you’ve given the right yeses and nos, you’ll see a calendar for appointments. No appointments were available Tuesday.

Giant in Bear, Brandywine Hundred, Middletown, Millsboro, Millville Rehoboth Beach: You get sent to a page for vaccine appointments. None was available Tuesday.

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Rite Aid across Delaware: The landing page asks for information about yourself. As of Tuesday, it required one of five occupations, and even if you fit one, it had no appointments.

Sam’s Club: The landing page asks you to create an account. “Sorry, there’s a problem,” it kept on saying. End of testing.

Walgreens across Delaware. You get sent to a page that asks for where you want to get a vaccine (use a Zip Code, and it’ll consider a 25-mile range and five days ahead). As of Tuesday, no appointments were available in New Castle County, but there were appointments downstate. Then there’s a page for eligibility, a medical screening page, a page saying you’re recommended for a vaccine, a page to sign in or create an account, a page to tell more about you and finally a page to select an appointment. It’ll put the pharmacy closest to you at the top. If you want to select another location, click on the caret above the mileage.

Whew. After all that, I kept on clicking  but could not schedule an appointment. So I called a Walgreens number listed on the site, selected “1” when asked if I was calling about COVID-9 and, after a lot more of punching into my phone, got both my appointments, with a text confirmation. Whoa!

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Walmart: The state doesn’t give a link, but Walmart’s COVID-19 landing page sends you to a page to create an account. Another page gives you stores to choose from. Although the state says six Walmarts in Delaware give vaccines, Walmart’s site doesn’t list any.

CVS is not on the state’s list, but it says it offers vaccines in Dover, Ocean View and Wilmington. No appointments were available Tuesday.

This site might reduce your clicking. FindAShot goes out every few minutes to as many sites that allow it. It then gives you links to follow up on, including places in nearby states, but you might not fit the rules of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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