If SB 224 becomes law, some employees would be able to have firearms on private school property.

Some private school workers may be allowed to carry guns 

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Private schools will be exempted from parts of Delaware’s Safe School Zone law, which focuses on who is allowed to have a firearm on campus, under a bill that seems headed to the Senate floor. Senate Bill 224, sponsored by Senate Minority Whip Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown, exempts certain employees of a private school from the Safe School Zone law. Only …

Short legislative hall

GOP’s Short: State budget needs oversight, too, if hospitals must have it

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A Sussex County state representative plans to introduce a bill that will hold lawmakers to the same rules its Democrat members want to set for hospitals: Holding budgets to benchmark. State Rep. Danny Short, R-Seaford, and other Republicans have repeatedly said during House and Senate hearings and debates that the state wants to hold hospitals to a rule it won’t …

hospital board

Hospital board bill on to full Senate; deal saves Medicaid tax

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A controversial bill that will establish a board to review and change hospital budgets is headed to the Senate floor after a lively committee hearing. There were some surprises and revelation of a compromise in the Senate Executive Committee Tuesday evening. Surprise one: Dr. Kara Odom Walker, who was secretary of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services when …


State committee endorses pricey, private garage tunnel

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A state building committee voted Friday to build a private tunnel from a planned parking deck into Legislative Hall to allow elected officials to safely walk from secured parking spots into the building without interaction with the public. Right now, the legislators park in marked parking spots with their names clearly marked on them around the capital building. The tunnel …


Bipartisan bill would see Inspector General at work by 2025

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A much-debated Office of Inspector General would be up and running by early 2025, if a new bill passes the Delaware Assembly by the end of June. Sen. Laura Sturgeon, D-Hockessin, would create the  Office of Inspector General, an independent watchdog agency empowered to investigate waste, fraud,and abuse in the executive and legislative branches of state government with Senate Bill …

School safety, and competing resolutions that would create task forces to improve it, sparked debate in the Senate Tuesday.

2 senators battle over dueling school safety resolutions

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On the day Gov. John Carney preached the impact of working together in his State of the State address, the Senate watched a tense interaction divided by party lines that one legislator called “childish behavior.” The interaction between Sen. Eric Buckson, R-Dover, and Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark/Glasgow, and their similar education task force resolutions were enough to cause comment from …

senators hecklers Gov. John Carney State of the State

GOP senators: Hecklers, smirking legislators ’embarrassment’

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Republican senators said Tuesday they were disappointed at the hecklers interrupting Gov. John Carney’s last State of the State speech  — and even more disappointed in the members of the legislature smirking during the heckling. A video shows the first heckler, a woman in the gallery wearing a pink hajib, start shouting and asking for a moment of silence. As …

teacher sick leave

Bill giving teachers 1-for-1 sick day donation heads to House

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A buy-one-get-two deal is a bargain at a grocery store, but not so ideal for teachers looking to exchange days off.  A new law could even the scales. Senate Bill 20, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, removes the requirement that a public school district employee who donates leave to another employee must donate two days of leave …


Victims’ rights task force given dozens of updating ideas

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Making sure crime victims have access to police body camera footage is one of the recommendations made Monday for revising Delaware’s Victims’ Bill of Rights. Other recommendations include an amendment to allow people to submit an impact statement during sentencing whether or not they make a statement during an investigation; eliminating the current $6 million rollover cap on compensation fund; …


Victims’ Rights task force to hear updating, funding ideas

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A task evaluating the Delaware’s Victims’ Bill of Rights for the first time since it was established in 1992 will hear recommendations about how to improve it Monday, Feb. 12. The current document is an unwieldy, jumbled mess because of all the hands that have been in the code since then, said Scott Goss, communications director for the Senate Democrats. …