The Senate has passed a $71.9 million grant package.

Paramedics, firefighters, vet groups get $71.9M in grants

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The Senate has passed a $71.9 million grant package.

The Senate has passed a $71.9 million grant package.

The state Senate voted Friday night to send a $71.9 million grant package to Gov. John Carney to bolster fire companies, ambulance services, senior centers, veterans organizations and other community groups.

The Grants-In-Aid bill for fiscal year 2024 includes:

  • $22.7 million for organizations that provide benefits to Delawareans in the areas of health, substance-use disorder treatment, the arts, tourism and community services. This is a 10% increase from last year.
  • $16 million for ongoing paramedic operations in all three counties, plus an additional $1 million for each county to improve or enhance paramedic options.
  • $10 million in statewide support for fire and ambulance companies to ensure maintenance and operation of trucks, ambulances  and rescue boats. This is a 20% increase from last year.
  • $9.9 million for services and programs at senior centers
  • $3.9 million for the county seats Wilmington, Dover and Georgetown.
  • $3.2 million in $50,000 allocations to each fire company and public service ambulance company in the state.
  • $608,000 for veterans organizations in all three counties. This is a 20% increase from last year.

Delaware’s Joint Finance Committee creates the  annual Grants-In-Aid legislation, which allocates funding to dozens of nonprofits across the state that are engaged in everything from treatment for substance-use disorder and behavioral health counseling to arts programming, historic preservation and emergency services.

“The Grants-in-Aid bill provides much-needed funds to our volunteer fire companies, senior centers and nonprofit organizations that offer vital services to residents up and down the state,” said Rep. William Carson, D-Smyrna and chair of the Joint Finance Committee.  “These organizations and groups fill a huge need in Delaware. Without them, seniors, veterans, and people in need would have fewer options available to them for various services.”

House Bill 197, this year’s grant package, includes funding for 18 new nonprofit agencies and community organizations that were not included in last year’s legislation.

“This legislation will provide much-needed support to our nonprofit community and do a lot of good for a lot of people,” said Sen. Trey Paradee, D-Dover and vice chair of the Joint Finance Committee. “From homeless shelters to community arts organizations, these groups provide critical services to some of our most vulnerable neighbors and give us an unbelievable return on our investment.”

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