Rob Limmina L Rosario Soddy C Joseph R. Photo courtesy of Keith Neff Mount AD

Mount Pleasant names baseball field Limmina Field

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Rob Limmina L Rosario Soddy C Joseph R. Photo courtesy of Keith Neff Mount AD

Rob Limmina (L) Rosario (Soddy) (C), Joseph (R). Photo courtesy of Keith Neff Mount AD


The Mount Pleasant Green Knights have named their baseball field Limmina Field after longtime baseball coaches Rosario (Soddy), Joseph, and Rob Limmina. Soddy is the father and Rob and Joe are his two sons. The trio has put many years into the Green Knights baseball program dating back to the 60’ when Soddy was head coach. 


As a Trio they coached from 1990-2005 with Rob acting as head coach while Joe and Soddy were his assistants. We don’t have a win total, but under the Limmina’s the baseball program was very  always competitive, fighting for a Flight A title or a state championship. The Limmina’s are responsible for the schools only baseball state championship in 2000.


In a press release from Mount Pleasant they said “The impact the Limmina family has made in the baseball community over the past several decades is immeasurable. We are thankful for the many athletes they have trained, for the programs they have developed, and the communal relationships they have built. Mount Pleasant High School is very appreciative of the Limmina family’s efforts, talents, and desire to make the game of baseball relevant and great”.  


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The sign ont he scoreboard that shows Limmina Field. Photo Courtesy of Keith Neff Mount AD

Having been lucky enough to play for the Limmina’s myself I can say they had a big impact in my baseball career especially in high school. I still  remember the first day tryouts all we did was run we all used to say who’s ready for track practice. There was a strategy beyond it, but I am not sure I can write it. 


Limminia’s always used to preach to us also “if you look good you play good”. So we all used to have to buy boxes of black shoe polish because our cleats had to be clean for every game. You couldn’t have a dirty uniform or be missing any piece of it. I remember being benched because I had forgotten my belt. Coach Rob said “It’s not your parents fault it’s yours”. I learned a lesson that day. 


I know when I say this all those players who played for the Limmina’s would agree with me they would not change it for the world. I still miss the days of running poles/hallways, to bus rides on road trips cleaning our uniforms on the way, to taking BP and having Soddy hit with us. I will never forget those days as well as many more Green Knight baseball alums. 


Congratulations to the Limmina’s on having the field dedicated to them. It is well deserved

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