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Kent and Sussex vote red; not enough to overcome deep-blue NCC

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Vote Red Blue Delaware LIVE election

Democratic candidates for U.S. House, attorney general, state treasurer and state auditor swept Delaware’s general election — and they did it without the help of Kent and Sussex Counties.

Lisa Blunt Rochester, Kathy Jennings, Colleen Davis and Lydia York lost in Kent and Sussex, but the Democratic vote north of the canal was too much for Republicans to overcome.

U.S. House of Representatives

Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) Lee Murphy (R)
Kent 25,969 27,143 ✅
Sussex 42,292 54,517 ✅
New Castle 110,100 ✅ 56,517

Attorney General

Kathy Jennings (D) Julianne Murray (R)
Kent 24,765 28,997 ✅
Sussex 40,061 57,524 ✅
New Castle 106,977 ✅ 60,832

State Treasurer

Colleen Davis (D) Greg Coverdale (R)
Kent 25,023 28,549 ✅
Sussex 40,015 56,955 ✅
New Castle 105,364 ✅ 61,789

Auditor of Accounts

Lydia York (D) Janice Lorrah (R)
Kent 25,046 28,360 ✅
Sussex 39,785 56,945 ✅
New Castle 106,902 ✅ 59,840

Legislative races

The balance of power in the state Senate will now lean even more to the left.

Rep. Steve Smyk, who was running to replace former Sen. Ernie Lopez, R-Rehoboth, lost his election to Democrat Russ Huxtable.

That brings the Senate’s partisan makeup from 14 Democrats and 7 Republicans to 15 Democrats and 6 Republicans.

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The structure of the House of Representatives will remain the same, even as some seats flipped.

Smyk’s former seat was claimed by Democrat Stell Parker Selby, who defeated Republican Dallas Wingate.

Compensating for that loss, Republicans picked up one seat in Long Neck with Republican Dr. Jeff Hilovsky defeating Democrat Keegan Worley.

Rep. Mike Ramone, R-Pike Creek, has claimed victory over Dr. Frank Burns, who appears to have lost by 35 votes.

Burns has not conceded the race, writing in a social media post that he is awaiting a recount of the ballots.

“A recount may or may not change the totals enough to make a difference but until the recount process is complete, I am not making a call in this race,” Burns said.

Several progressives won House elections, potentially spelling trouble for far-center House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, who handily won re-election.

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