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Hospitals, legislators reach deal on state review board

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State hospitals and legislators have reached a deal that will see House Bill 350, a bill to set up a state board that could review and force changes to hospital budgets, become law. Based on expected amendments, “the Delaware Healthcare Association stands neutral on HB 350 and will no longer actively oppose the bill at this time,” said Brian Frazee, …

Hospitals deal hospital

Business, nonprofit leaders warn hospital board is bad idea

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  Business and nonprofit leaders have joined hospital and health groups in an effort to stop the state from creating a board that would control hospital budgets, but it might be too little too late. The issue will come up again today at 4 p.m. in the Senate Executive Committee, which has a hearing House Bill 350. It’s the last …

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House Dems force end to debate to pass speaker’s hospital bill

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Delaware House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday forced an end to a floor debate so they could pass their speaker’s controversial bill to create a state board to oversee hospital budgets. The move came after three hours of head-scratching gamesmanship in which Republicans essentially filibustered with multiple representatives questioning aspects of the bill and Speaker of the House Valerie Longhurst’s …

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Hospital board pay: $40,000 a year to chair, $35,000 to six members

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A new version of the bill that would create a board to oversee state hospital budgets would pay the chairman $40,000 a  year and the six members at $35,000 a year. a total of $234,694 a  year. “For this analysis, average salary costs are assumed to be similar to those of other existing state boards and commissions,” the fiscal impact …

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Hospital board bill could hurt extra $100 million for Medicaid

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If a bill establishing a state board to oversee hospital budgets passes as is, it could alter or kill the deal cut with those hospitals to pay a provider tax unlocking another $100 million for Delaware’s Medicaid program. Brian Frazee, president of the Delaware Healthcare Association, warned the House Appropriations Committee that the requirement in House Bill 350 to immediately …