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Bill to amend hospital board bill pops up for vote unannounced

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A bill to alter the controversial hospital board bill, which is still moving through the Senate, was filed in the Delaware House at 2:55 p.m. Tuesday and showed up unannounced in the House Administration Committee at noon Wednesday morning. Despite protests from House Minority Leader Mike Ramone, R-Newark/Pike Creek, and Lyndon Yearick, R-Camden, about the speed and non-transparency of the …

Port of Wilmington terminal expansion

State, port operator to build new $635M port terminal in Edgemoor

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The state of Delaware and Enstructure, the current private operator of the Port of Wilmington, will build a $635 million new terminal in Edgemoor that will quadruple its capacity for container cargo ships and serve larger ships. The Edgemoor industrial site was purchased in 2017 by the taxpayer-owned Diamond State Port Corp., which subsequently secured the necessary permits to construct …

Delaware GOP Chair Julianne Murray will not run in this year's gubernatorial election.

GOP Chair Murray decides against bid for governor

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The leader of Delaware’s Republican Party has decided against a run for governor. Julianne Murray, chair of the Delaware GOP announced Monday that she will forego the gubernatorial race to help strengthen her party. “I cannot sit idly by as our party faces the prospect of division and distraction,” Murray said in a statement. “Now, more than ever, unity is …

Mike Ramone GOP Delaware governor gubernatorial race

GOP’s Mike Ramone to file Monday to run for governor

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Rep. Mike Ramone plans to file Monday to run for governor of Delaware as a Republican. Ramone, 62, who’s represented the Newark and Pike Creek area in the Delaware House of Representatives for 16 years, has an extensive list of platform issues, largely revolving around efficient government, taxes, education and the failure of the Democrats, who he says have controlled …

hospital board

House Dems force end to debate to pass speaker’s hospital bill

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Delaware House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday forced an end to a floor debate so they could pass their speaker’s controversial bill to create a state board to oversee hospital budgets. The move came after three hours of head-scratching gamesmanship in which Republicans essentially filibustered with multiple representatives questioning aspects of the bill and Speaker of the House Valerie Longhurst’s …

If the bill passes the Senate, Delaware would be the 11th state with legalized assisted suicide.

Assisted suicide finally passes House, despite GOP concerns

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A unique method of death by self-administered medication that has been discussed by the General Assembly for several years has once again made into this year’s legislative session. And, once again, the Republicans pushed back in full swing, with a myriad of concerns with both logistical and moral concerns. The concept made Rep. Rich Collins, R-Milsboro, question the religious morality …


Bill adding asexuality, pansexuality into law moves to House

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A move to add asexuality and pansexuality to the state definition of sexual orientation led to conversations about what those terms mean — and a warning that adding them could one day lead to adding pedophiles, too. Rep. Eric Morrison, D-Newark/Bear, said the idea for House Bill 275 came from a member of Delaware’s LBGTQ+ community who identifies as pansexual. …

Early and absentee voting was the focus of a recent Superior Court ruling that received a lot of response from state politicians. (Photo from Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Politicians react to court striking absentee, early voting laws 

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A ruling by the Delaware Superior Court that restricts early and absentee voting – a highly contentious aspect of the 2020 Presidential Election – has state leaders reacting on party lines.  Judge Mark Conner ruled Friday in favor of former state attorney general Jane Brady’s suit that laws passed by the General Assembly – over objections that they were not …


Bill to change state tax brackets halted in committee

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A bill that would alter Delaware’s tax code in a way the sponsor says would ultimately lower tax payments for everyone was put to death Tuesday by the House Revenue and Finance Committee. Another was delayed for consideration until the next meeting. Votes for House Bill 233, sponsored by Majority Leader Mike Ramone, R-Newark/Pike Creek, split along party lines in …

A few Republicans are speculating that Speaker of the House Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, plans to step down.

Democrats may elect a new speaker, GOP reps believe

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A few Republicans have heard there’s a possibility that Speaker of the House Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, plans on stepping down by the end of the week. Rep. Kevin Hensley, R-Odessa, said during a Zoom meeting with the Delaware GOP that there is speculation that a new speaker will be elected by Friday. “So the speculation, just keep in …