Appoquinimink's second and last chance to pass this referendum is April 23. Photo of Appoquinimink High School.

Appo VP: ‘Ugly cuts,’ 45 kids in class if referendum fails 

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  NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect correct taxes on assessed homes. The vice president of Appoquinimink School District’s Board of Education warned the community that disaster will ensue if the district’s second attempt at a referendum fails this month.  “We have to cut 91 positions. That’s about 5% of our staff,” said Vice President Richard Forsten, who …

Districts that have had successful referendums are now planning designs, construction bids, and how projects will be phased over the next few years.

Here’s what happens now in districts whose referendums passed

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Now that Colonial, Red Clay and Brandywine have had successful referendums, residents of those school districts may be wondering when they’ll have to pony up finances and when they’ll see new facilities. Delaware school districts that have had a successful referendum typically phase their spending over three years or more.  The concept of the referendum isn’t widespread nationally.  Delaware is …

Smyrna and Appoquinimink are the two school district's with unsuccessful referendums this academic year.

Smyrna School District referendum fails

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Smyrna School District’s capital and operating referendum to raise local revenue for it school’s has failed. It’s request to raise local funds was rejected at a vote of 820 “yes” and 1,129 “no” (57.9%). The other ballot option – which would authorize the district to issue bonds for capital projects like building a new intermediate school – also failed, with …

Colonial School District's 2024 referendum is successful.

Colonial referendum passes one day after Red Clay’s success

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Colonial School District’s capital and operating referendum has passed, a day after Red Clay’s referendum also passed. With the successful referendum passes, there will be a phased approach to a local tax increase, with a spike of 25 cents per $100 of assessed property value in fiscal year 2025, 10 cents in fiscal year 2026 and five cents in fiscal …

Delaware has six district referendums this school year, the most since the 2009-2010 school year.

Why Delaware is having the most school referendums in 14 years

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The largest number of Delaware school districts in 14 years are holding elections in 2024 to ask their residents to agree to raise taxes for education. State and education leaders cite inflation, population growth, state-mandate raises for education, changes in funding and the COVID-19 pandemic as among reasons why six of the state’s 19 districts are making the case for …

Brandywine School District's referendum is successful, preliminary results show large support.

Brandywine sees huge success in referendum; 76.3% vote ‘yes’

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Brandywine School District’s operational referendum passed with flying colors Tuesday, preliminary results show. The referendum, which would raise $15,625,549 in local revenue to support ongoing district operations, was successful. Although this means the average homeowner will have a $181.75 increase in taxes for fiscal year 2025 and a $145.40 per year increase in fiscal year 2026 and beyond, the district’s …

Several school districts will hold a referendum this year to raise local revenue.

5 school districts to hold tax hike referenda in 2024

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Five of Delaware’s 19 school districts are asking their residents to head to the polls in 2024 and vote for a local tax increase. In the First State, districts must hold referendums if they want to increase their local school tax in order to increase local revenue. They include the Brandywine, Red Clay Consolidated, Colonial, Smyrna and Appoquinimink. Schools get …