Cape Henlopen School District's referendum is unsuccessful for a second time.

Cape Henlopen referendum fails for the second time

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Education

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. Another try yields the same result for Cape Henlopen School District. In a nail-biter, the district’s second try at a referendum to raise local taxes to increase district revenue was unsuccessful Tuesday. The final vote was 52.8% against (4,628) and 47.2% for (4,133) a tax increase that would benefit the district. …

Cape Henlopen's referendum will be on Tuesday, March 26.

Cape Henlopen 6th district to hold tax hike vote; March 26

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Cape Henlopen School District is the sixth district in Delaware to have a referendum this year in which residents will vote whether or not to raise local taxes. In total, the district is seeking a total of $83,647,000 of additional local revenue.  This year’s referendum will take place Tuesday, March 26, with polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. …

Colonial is looking to upgrade and renovate its athletic facilities, which can be utilized by the community.

Colonial addresses concerns about sports facilities in tax forum

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How Colonial School District sports will benefit from a $61 million tax referendum was a common theme among questions during Wednesday’s virtual public forum. District officials fielded queries about the effect of the referendum, which would raise average homeowners taxes by about $250 annually. The money will be used to match state funds of $122 million for maintenance and improvements …

Appo's referendum will take place Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Appo referendum Dec. 12; would increase taxes $435 yearly

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Appoquinimink School District residents will have the opportunity to vote for or against a tax increase via a referendum on Tuesday, Dec. 12.  In its board meeting Tuesday night, Superintendent Matthew Burrows explained the revenue would be put towards toward three new school buildings, a bus lot, educator recruiting and retention efforts, technology and safety initiatives.  He said the referendum …