NC police issue warning about TikTok door kicking challenge

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New Castle County Police released photos of two youths kicking a door in Brennan Estates.

New County Police are warning home owners about a new TikTok youthquake trend: kicking the front doors of houses and running.

the police said they are investigating three incidents in Brennan Estate Townhouses that involved someone kicking residential doors.

On July 12, the door to one occupied home was kicked in, causing damage.

The police division said in a press release that it is aware of a new TikTok challenge that involves people punching or kicking someone’s door and then running away, all while documenting the incident on social media

The challengesis dangerous and will result in criminal charges, the police said.

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Surveillance video from Brennan Estates showed youths kicking doors and immediately fleeing on foot and on bicycles.

Officers are investigating and released two surveillance images to seek the public’s assistance.

If you recognize the subjects in the attached images, please contact the New Castle County Division of Police.

Criminal Investigations Unit can be called at 302-395-8110 and New Castle County Division of Police non-emergency number is (302) 573-2800. The department also can be contacted through their Facebook page “New Castle County Police.”


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