Matt Halls Toilet Table is a new invention by Delawarean Matt Hall. (Ken Mammarella photo)

Matt Halls Toilet Table: ‘You didn’t know you needed’ it

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Matt Halls Toilet Table is a new invention by Delawarean Matt Hall. (Ken Mammarella photo)

Matt Halls Toilet Table is a new invention by Delawarean Matt Hall. (Ken Mammarella photo)

Matt Hall has an idea that is so unusual that Amazon has to create a category for his invention.

Yet it’s an idea that might appeal to the 90%-95% of people who bring cellphones into the bathroom.

It’s Matt Halls Toilet Table, which describes as “the table you didn’t know you needed.”  

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That’s not a typo in the name, said the inventor, a Brandywine Hundred resident. It’s branding.

He originally wanted to call it just the Toilet Table, but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected that as being too generic. There’s no apostrophe because “I didn’t want to take possession of it, since I’m going to sell it.”

Matt Halls Toilet Table is now available in only one color (white) and style, but it’s designed to have interchangeable tops to be created in the future, and Hall is working on a design that could hold weightier items, such as a leg being shaved. It is $45 on, two for $80.

Matt Hall is a "Shark Tank" fan with many, many ideas. (Ken Mammarella photo)

Matt Hall is a “Shark Tank” fan with many, many ideas. (Ken Mammarella photo)

The two-pound gadget (ABS, the plastic mostly commonly used in 3-D printers, and recycled PVC) attaches to either side of most toilets and could hold up to five pounds. Enough to hold cellphones out of harm’s way. A quarter of all cellphone damage is from being dropped in the toilet, he said.

Of course, it could hold other items, like tissues, a drink, decorations or a tablet that could entertain toddlers being toilet-trained. “Any use you want,” he said.

How the Toilet Table came to be

The idea came to him in 2021 when he was sheltering in place during the pandemic, with many sources for Forever Treasure, his eBay jewelry store, shut down.

“I’ve always had ideas, but never followed them up before,” he said. “I was doing investing in website domain names, and I typed in ‘’ And that popped up for sale, and I said to myself that this device has never been made before. This has to be created.”

Amazon does have a “toilet accessories” category, but not a subcategory that accurately includes Matt Halls Toilet Table. The retail giant is working on it, he said.

Hall received his patent in November of 2023 and sold his first one in March to a neighbor. Of course, it’s in both bathrooms of the Hall house.

Between the idea and the sale was a lot of paperwork for the patent, prototyping, a commitment to produce it domestically, a lot of investing to produce the five molds needed and manufacturing.

It’s made at Schubert Plastics in Lenni, Pennsylvania. Brian Schubert, a principal in the family-owned firm, plays darts with Hall and Hall’s father, Bob.

“Brian Schubert has gone out of his way to make this happen,” Matt said. Matt worked there for a few months, and Bob still does.

Bob said that members of the darts team are all excited about the table. “It’s a great idea,” he said. “Give it to someone who has everything, but they don’t have this.”

The Halls are also excited about heading to Chicago for the upcoming Inspired Home Show, North America’s largest housewares trade show. Matt has been vetted to get a booth in the inventors section.

“I watch ‘Shark Tank’ like crazy, and I did apply,” Matt said, adding that he has not heard back. The hit TV series about entrepreneurs and their inventions scouted last year’s show in Chicago, and he hopes they’ll be there this year – and give him a chance to showcase his creation.

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