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Friday, April 16, 2021


In Remembrance Of The Old Phils

The two kids, maybe 12 years old, were hanging out at the mall, one of them wearing a Jimmy Rollins jersey. They were talking about the Phillies and how much better they’ve played since Chase Utley returned and how...

Wilmington University's Sports Push

Last week, we talked about the University of Delaware athletics department and its quest for the big time. This week, we’re talking about the Wilmington University athletics department and its quest for the small time. Wilmington - which started in 1968...

Catching up with Mike Brey

The 2011 Associated Press Coach of the Year at Notre Dame, Mike Brey was one of the most successful coaches in University of Delaware history.   In his final three seasons in Newark, the Blue Hens compiled  a 70-23 record,...

A State Of Neighbors

Delaware is small and other states make fun of us because of that. You’ve probably heard it before. “Dela-where?” or “What part of Pennsylvania is that in?” We even make fun of ourselves, sometimes unintentionally, including what is possibly...

The Times They Are A' Changing

Change is coming to the athletics program at the University of Delaware and, like most change, it could be good or bad. It all depends on your perspective. Delaware wants to grow up. It’s no longer content to be a...

TSD Q&A: Mary Carillo

Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and former tennis star Mary Carillo recently came to Wilmington to support the Rodney Street Tennis and Tutoring Association.  Carillo teamed with childhood neighbor John McEnroe to win the French Open mixed doubles title in 1977....
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Latest News

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Christian Colmery pitched 5 innings of shutout ball

Help biodiversity by picking up native plant each time you go to nursery

Gradually adding natives to a garden will help it begin to add more to the state's biodiversity

State title, continued improvement wins St. Mark’s runner state Gatorade award

Wjhen Tiffany Herrera won the cross country award, her team gave her a very sticky congratulations
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