Workers -- pre-COVID -- in the kitchen of El Camino Mexican Restaurant in Wilmington.

Talk of raising minimum wage worries restaurants still reeling from COVID-19

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    Restaurateurs are listening with great alarm to state and national talk about raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. Carl Georigi, CEO of the Platinum Dining Group, says that raising minimum wage from $9.25 an hour to $11 by next year — the first hike a state bill proposes on the way to $15 by 2026 —  would …

There's a good chance workers will return to offices, a JPMorgan economist says.

Forecaster: Pandemic restrictions will be forgotten quickly as people seek normalcy

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  A JPMorgan Chase economic forecaster predicts people will quickly forget the stress of pandemic restrictions and return to a more normal life. Speaking as part of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s lineup for its virtual annual dinner, James E. Glassman said the pandemic and people working from home has only accelerated a trend that’s been occurring for two …