$300 rebate checks hitting Delaware mailboxes

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Many Delawareans have already received their $300 rebate checks from the state. (Getty Images)

Delawareans who filed taxes in 2020 can expect to receive a $300 rebate payment from the state in the coming days. 

Many have already received their check, but those who haven’t should see them in their mailbox by May 31.

Checks are being mailed to the most recent address on file with the Division of Revenue, according to the state’s website.

If your address has changed and you haven’t submitted your new address to the Division of Revenue or purchased mail forwarding from USPS, you may have to send an inquiry to this email address.

Many senior citizens, Social Security recipients and college students did not earn enough money to file taxes in 2020 but still qualify for the rebate payment. They likely won’t receive it until summer or early fall. 

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The payment is the result of a bipartisan agreement to help Delawareans in light of rising gas prices and inflation.

The rebate will not be subject to a state income tax, though it could affect filers who itemize deductions on their 2022 federal income tax.

Married couples who filed taxes jointly will receive $600. Each spouse will receive an individual $300 check. 

Residents who have a copy of their 2020 tax filing can check the status of their rebate here.

If you still don’t receive your check three weeks after the status check tool says it was issued, contact the state by emailing [email protected].

For more questions, visit or call (302) 577-8200.

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