Delaware Arts Summit

200 will gather for Delaware Arts Summit Oct. 9

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Delaware Arts Summit

Delaware Arts Summits offer speakers, breakout sessions and networking pieces, as well as displays.

More than 200 creative professionals will gather at the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach for this year’s sold-out Delaware Arts Summit.

The Monday, Oct. 9, event will feature speakers on topics ranging from artists to managing uncertainty to support the focus on innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Storyteller Tahira and singer Iva will perform.

Ultimately, the summit — usually held every two years — is meant to foster conversations that will help shape the future of Delaware’s arts.

The keynote speaker will be Roberto Lugo, a Philadelphia ceramicist, poet, social activist and educator.

He combines classical pottery forms with themes of urban life, poverty, inequality and racial justice. His work reimagines traditional ceramics with a 21st-century street sensibility, including images of his family and community members. Lugo is an assistant professor at Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

Arts Summit breakout sessions

Attendees will have a choice of four breakout sessions that take place both in the morning and in the afternoon.

They include:

  • Dori Kelner a mindfulness teacher and facilitator who runs Insightful Culture, on “The Art of Stress Transformation.” A tech professional turned corporate wellness advocate, she will lead attendees through an interactive look at the connection between stress reduction and creativity as well as activities that enhance self-awareness and unlock fresh perspectives in the workplace.
  • Rebecca Mwase – Theater and performance artist and cultural organizer, on “Relationship Building as Praxis; one conversation at a time.” Mwase is known for her transformative ceremonial processes that promote healing and self-realization. Attendees will learn the four C’s of Community Building: connection, communication, curiosity and care. These principles can be applied to any sphere of life, fostering deeper connections and community engagement.
  • Patricia Rivera – CEO and founder of Hook PR & Marketing, on “How to Tell Arts Stories that Resonate Widely.” Rivera will delve into the art of multicultural storytelling. Her workshop will equip participants with the skills to create compelling narratives that elevate arts organizations and to craft stories that resonate widely, fostering authenticity and driving action.
  • Benjamin Wagner – Founder of Essential Industries Inc. on “Managing Uncertainty.” A consultant and creative will talk about managing in today’s post-pandemic world. He will apply information from integrative medicine, neuroscience and psychology to share practical strategies for handling everyday uncertainty and rapid change.

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The event is sponsored by the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state office. It administers grants and programs that support arts programming, increase awareness of the arts and integrate arts into all facets of life.

To be placed on a waiting list to attend, email Dana Wise at [email protected].

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