This year's Technology Student Association conference was in Louisville, Kentucky.

10 First Staters win national awards in tech conference

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This year's Technology Student Association conference was in Louisville, Kentucky.

This year’s Technology Student Association conference was in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ten Delawareans won awards at the 45th annual Technology Student Association conference in Louisville, Kentucky last week.

130 First Staters participated in individual and team events among a crowd of more than 8,000.

Competitions gauged their skills in: architecture, podcasting, biotechnology. board game design, career prep, coding, cybersecurity, data science and analytics, video production, dragster design,  extemporaneous speech, fashion design and technology, flight endurance, foundations of information technology, future teacher, manufacturing prototype, microcontroller design, photographic technology, solar sprint, software development, STEM animation, structural engineering, system control technology, technology problem solving, VEX robotics, video game design, virtual reality visualization, website design and more.

Achievement awards were given to:

  • Samhitha Vallury, MOT Charter School, for service as secretary of Technology Student Association.
  • Samra Iqbal, Caesar Rodney High School, for service as reporter of Technology Student Association.
  • Roger Seedorf, MOT Charter School, recognized as High School Teacher of the Year.
  • Laura Barnas, Postlethwait Middle, recognized as Middle School Teacher of the Year.
  • Mike Fitzgerald, Delaware Department of Education, recognized as the National State Advisor of the Year.

These students earned top 10 finishes in competitions: 

  • Desen Basara, Caesar Rodney High School, earned first place in Essays on Technology.
  • Nathan Hryniewicz, Newark Charter High School, earned fifth place in Computer-Aided Design Engineering.
  • Arnav Angra, H.B. duPont Middle School, earned seventh place in Foundations of Information Technology.
  • James Carroll and Audrey Houghton, Newark Charter High School, earned tenth place in Forensic Science.        

 The Technology Student Association is a career and technical student organization dedicated to students interested in advancing the future of technology, invention, innovation, design and engineering. Through the association, members can participate in STEM-focused competitive events, take part in community service work and become leaders for the organization at the school, state, and national level.

Update: More students were later recognized. Shiven Reddy and Youg Patel of Newark Charter High School earned third place in Technology Problem Solving; John Barnas, Zachary Barnas and Mason Lenoir of Postlethwait Middle School earned seventh place in Video Game Design; Ethan Ho, Chase Polk and Noah Veron of Newark Charter High School earned tenth place in System Control Technology.

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