The Warehouse has renovated its gym and named it The Mac. (The Warehouse)

Wilmington’s Warehouse adds mental health room, improves gym

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The Warehouse has renovated its gym and named it The Mac. (The Warehouse)

The Warehouse has renovated its gym and named it The Mac. (The Warehouse)

The Warehouse, which calls itself Delaware’s first community center for teens and by teens, has opened a support room for mental health and overhauled its gym.

“I’m excited we are opening two spaces that really reflect teen priorities,” Anthony Green, Warehouse teen executive board president, said in a statement.

The Warehouse is at 1121 Thatcher St., on the East Side of Wilmington.

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“People our age are asking for more mental health support, and they are always looking for the best opportunities for sports and recreation,” he said. “These spaces will help us recruit more teens and give our members more ways to grow.”

Sean’s Room at the Warehouse

The space focused on mental health is called Sean’s Room and is named after Sean Locke, who took his own life in 2018.

SL24 Unlocke the Light Foundation already runs Sean’s House in downtown Newark. Both are places where people ages 14-24 can speak to trained peer counselors about their mental health and wellness.

In Sean’s Room, “youth can meet with trained peers, decompress and unpack feelings and issues they are experiencing,” said foundation executive director Zach Ryan.

The gym is named The Mac, for former Wilmington Mayor William T. McLaughlin and financially supported by the Mayor William T. McLaughlin Fund.

The Mac features a new floor, scoreboard, color scheme and televisions, plus space for recreation, intramural sports and events.

“My father believed in always giving a helping hand because he received so many helping hands in his life,” said Bill McLaughlin, president of the fund’s board. “A longtime champion of the kind of mentoring, guidance and assistance that helped him achieve his dreams, dad was determined to share his dreams with future generations.”

The Warehouse, which was founded in 2018, said it has registered more than a third of Wilmington’s young adult population. It is affiliated with REACH Riverside and the Kingswood Community Center in serving Wilmington’s East Side.

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