Two-digit Delaware tag fetches big money at weekend auction

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A two-digit Delaware tag sells for just over $280,000 at auction in Rehoboth Beach over the weekend.

Emmert Auction sold the “37” tag to a buyer who wished to remain anonymous. After 13 minutes of furious in-house and phone bids, the tag sold for $282,000.

A matching trailer tag “T37” also sold separately for $7,750.

Butch Emmert, Auctioneer and President of Emmert Auction, told the crowd that the tag belonged to the former chair of the Delaware Realtors Association from Norther New Castle County.

“We had bidders from all three counties in Delaware,” Emmert told the crowd before bidding started. “There is tremendous, tremendous demand for two to three digit tags in Delaware right now. There is no better time, with three digit and four digit tags going up 25 to 25 percent this year.”

The tag came short of the $410,000 that the number 20 brought about three years ago, which Emmert also sold. His auction company has become a hub for low-digit Delaware tags, filling the packed Rehoboth Beach convention center with bidders and awe-struck watchers.

At the same auction, tag “7073” sold for $7,000 and “C4269” sold for $3,500.

Delaware is unique when it comes to its affinity for low-digit black vehicle tags, becoming a status symbol for many in the First State. Several websites, including lowdigittags.com and delawaretagtraders.com, connect sellers with potential buyers to show how popular tags are as a commodity with market value similar to the stock market.

According to the sites, some four-digit tags can reach the $10,000+ range, with single digit tags reaching as high as $500,000.

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