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Education experts offer takeaways from 2024 school bills

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Education

With an 8.6% increase in state education funding for fiscal year 2025, which began July 1, the Delaware General Assembly continued its trend of passing legislation specific to the stateā€™s schools.Ā  There were dozens of educational bills passed this legislative year, which concluded June 30.Ā  From college scholarships to improving school climate to establishing a commission to evaluate how schools …

First State Educate's community action event Monday night focused on parental engagement with school boards.

FSE says parents need to engage in their kidsā€™ education

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Education

A group advocating for radical change to improve education in the state wants parents to be involved in their childā€™s education and is giving them the tools to do so.Ā  First State Educate hosted a webinar Monday night in what will be a series of meetings helping inform the public about the current state of education in Delaware.Ā  Monday’s was …

If SB 224 becomes law, some employees would be able to have firearms on private school property.

Some private school workers may be allowed to carry gunsĀ 

Jarek RutzHeadlines, Government

Private schools will be exempted from parts of Delawareā€™s Safe School Zone law, which focuses on who is allowed to have a firearm on campus, under a bill that seems headed to the Senate floor. Senate Bill 224, sponsored by Senate Minority Whip Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown, exempts certain employees of a private school from the Safe School Zone law. Only …