scam by phone (Pexels photo by Mikhail Nilof)

It’s a scam: You’re not getting calls with real deals

Ken MammarellaBusiness, Headlines

A few days ago, a Delawarean received “what seemed like very legit promotional call from (supposedly) XFINITY offering me $35 off my monthly internet/cable/phone bill for the next 2 years,” Patricia Seramone wrote on nextdoor. “They had my account number, and other pertinent information.” What they didn’t have is her faith. Seramone correctly realized, before she forked over payment information, …

Scam Caller

Delaware joins nationwide task force to cut down on scam calls

Staff WriterGovernment, Headlines

Even in a time of stark political division, there is thing almost everybody can agree on: scam calls suck. In that vein, Delaware has joined a nationwide task force to cut down on illegal robocalls. Comprised of 50 attorneys general from across the United States, the Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force will investigate and take legal action against the telecommunications companies …