The WLC has launched its new website and logo, designed by First Ascent Design. (Photo via Unsplash)

WLC launches anticipated website, new trademarked logoĀ 

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The Wilmington Learning Collaborative has a new look.Ā  ā€œMuch like when you meet a stranger for the first time, you don’t have associations with their face, and as you start experiencing that person, you gain those associations over time, so the WLC has just launched its new face,ā€ said John Himics, president of First Ascent Design.Ā  The collaborativeā€™s governing board …

The WLC contracted a couple of groups and established its measurables for next school year Tuesday night.

WLC sets metrics of success; hires reading, trauma groups

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A state agency aiming to rapidly improve education in the city of Wilmington has finally organized what measurables it will use to gauge success. The Wilmington Learning Collaborative, created in November 2022, oversees nine city elementary schools in the Brandywine, Christina and Red Clay Consolidated school districts. To reverse longstanding challenges to academic and social success, the collaborative seeks to …

The WLC school opportunity scorecards report put a spotlight on some of the challenges in the WLC's nine city elementary schools. (Photo by tadamichi/Adobe Stock)

WLC report reaction brings promise of more inclusion

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Nothing has come easy to the Wilmington Learning Collaborative, not its formation, not its hiring of an executive director and certainly not the release of its first report on city schools. That angered teachers and brought dozens of them to a Collaborative meeting to speak. Laura Burgos, executive director, says she learned a big lesson there and will do things …

The WLC will need to go to all three district boards to approve the deadline change.

WLC needs three more months to set performance reqs

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The Wilmington Learning Collaborative says it needs three extra months to set performance requirements for the schools itā€™s overseeing. That means the organization will have to go back to the Brandywine, Christina and Red Clay districts for permission to move the deadline from March 31 to June 30. The performance requirements include setting goals through written agreements with the three …

The WLC is ramping up efforts to build community councils and strengthen and establish community partnerships.

WLC building 9 community councils, strengthening partnerships

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Partnership was the word of the night in the Wilmington Learning Collaborativeā€™s January meeting Tuesday night.Ā  Dorrell Green, superintendent of Red Clay Consolidated School District and a member of the governing council for the group, said they need to make sure they spend the millions of state funding wisely while strengthening community partnerships with groups that provide help, such as …

Laura Burgos shared data on WLC schools and also some specifics into the early work of the agency.

WLC leader details initial work, school reports

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Data on some of the high-needs and underperforming schools of the city of Wilmington was shared Wednesday night. In the Red Clay Consolidated School Districtā€™s monthly board meeting, Laura Burgos, executive director of the Wilmington Learning Collaborative, presented assessment highlights on the nine schools involved in the agency. The Wilmington Learning Collaborative, a state agency created in November 2022 with …

The WLC has filled two director positions.

WLC hires 2, completes school assessmentsĀ 

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The Wilmington Learning Collaborative has hired two directors and completed one element of school assessments needed to begin implementing programs to improve student outcomes. Laura Burgos, the executive director of the Wilmington Learning Collaborative, shared updates of recent work at the governing councilā€™s monthly meeting Tuesday night. ā€œIā€™m very excited to say that all nine of our WLC partner schools …

The WLC and Redding Consortium will work together to carry out the goals they share in common.

Redding Consortium, WLC define aligned goalsĀ 

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Two Wilmington organizations focused on helping city students excel ā€“ the Redding Consortium and the Wilmington Learning Collaborative ā€“ have started to determine how they will work together. ā€œWe are at a point now where we really can give a high level introduction to what we think that’s going to look like,ā€ said Sen. Elizabeth ā€œTizzyā€ Lockman, D-Wilmington, co-chair of …

The WLC is prioritizing the nine elementary schools included in the signed agreement before scaling its programs.

WLC will focus on tasks at hand, not expanding to other schools

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The new head of the Wilmington Learning Collaborative pushed back Tuesday night on suggestions that the new agency expand to include more city elementary schools. ā€œThis is a long journey, this is going to take many years to get our schools where they need to be,ā€ saidĀ  Laura Burgos, the groupā€™s executive director.Ā  Thatā€™s not going to happen by adding …

The Wilmington Learning Collaborative is made up of nine city elementary schools across three districts.

How the WLC plans to spend $16.6M to improve city schools

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The Wilmington Learning Collaborativeā€™s governing council voted Tuesday night for a budget containing various programs intended to improve outcomes for city students.Ā  The budget is for this fiscal year, which concludes June 30, 2024. It totals $16,632,690.20, with $10 million set in the state budget for this year, and the other $6,632,690.20 is carryover funds from last year.Ā  Executive Director …