Families rely on fast internet access that 5G promises.(Sofatutor photo from Unsplash)

1st State called 2nd best on 5G (and it’s fairly cheap)

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Delaware is the second-best state for 5G cellular coverage, some number crunching of federal data concludes. But it has second-worst availability of broadband with speeds of at least 1,000 megabits. And online access is relatively cheap in the First State. Internet access is a must-have for many families, and it’s in the news with President Biden in June announcing a …

a large brick building with Delaware Legislative Hall in the background

Reading, teacher retention top successful 2022 education bills 

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Rodel, a local nonprofit espousing better education in Delaware, calls the 151st General Assembly, which just ended, the “Education General Assembly,” in regard to the number of education bills that passed. “There’s more than 50 education bills this session and a 7% increase in the budget,” said Madeleine Bayard, senior vice president of Rodel. “They got a lot done and …