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House votes against overriding Carney’s marijuana veto

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An attempt to override Gov. John Carney’s veto of a bill to legalize marijuana possession failed in the Delaware House of Representatives Tuesday. With the vote, this year’s endeavor to end marijuana prohibition in Delaware is all but certainly dead.  Numerous lawmakers who previously voted to pass House Bill 371 voted against the veto override Tuesday out of an apparent …

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Cannabis supporters rally to override Carney’s veto

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Lawmakers, activists and citizens gathered in front of Legislative Hall Tuesday to encourage the General Assembly to override Gov. John Carney’s veto of House Bill 371, the bill to legalize marijuana possession. Carney vetoed the bill in May citing questions about the long-term health and economic impacts of recreational marijuana use. “I respect the Legislative Branch’s role in this process, …

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Carney vetoes marijuana legalization

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Delaware Gov. John Carney on Tuesday vetoed House Bill 371, legislation that would have made it legal for Delawareans 21 years of age or older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. In a statement to the House of Representatives, Carney said while he continues to support medical marijuana, he does not believe promoting or expanding the use of …


Marijuana legalization fails in Del. General Assembly — again

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The Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday voted down a bill to legalize, tax and regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana in the First State. The bill fell just one vote short. House Bill 372, sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark, represents the second half of a two-pronged approach to marijuana legalization. The first half of the effort, HB …


House set to vote on weed farms, stores. Here’s what you need to know

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The Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday will vote on the second of two bills aimed at legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana. House Bill 372 (Part B), sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark, creates the legal framework for cannabis to be grown and sold in Delaware.  Another bill, HB 371 (Part A), already passed in the House and Senate and …

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Delaware House votes to legalize marijuana possession

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The Delaware House of Representatives has passed a bill to legalize marijuana in the First State.  Well, sort of.  What the bill does House Bill 371, sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark, would make it totally legal to possess one ounce or less of marijuana, except for those who are under the age of 21.  Under the bill, possession of …

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Public given chance to comment on marijuana possession bill

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A bill to legalize the possession of an ounce of pot or less was released from a House committee Tuesday and will advance to the House floor for a vote. The bill initially appeared to fail, but after votes were gathered from committee members who were absent, it was revealed to have passed. House Bill 371 came before the House …

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Bentz reverses course: Pot bill to get full public hearing

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Rep. David Bentz, D-Christiana Concerned citizens will have a chance to offer public comment on a marijuana legalization bill after all.  Multiple lawmakers walked out of the House Health and Human Development Committee Wednesday after the majority of the committee’s members voted to release the bill without first hearing public comments.  During the meeting, a House attorney said rules do …

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Bentz, Dems refuse to allow public comment on marijuana bill

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Multiple lawmakers walked out of the House health committee Wednesday in protest of a vote to release a marijuana legalization bill without hearing public comment.  After facing backlash from Republicans, House Democrats announced the bill will be reassigned to the committee and members of the public will be permitted to provide comments after the legislature returns from recess in May. …