We are No. 1! At least, in googling the NFL

Ken MammarellaCulture, Headlines

  Delaware is the most NFL-obsessed state in the country, judging by Google searches. It had 60,582 searches per 100,000 people, even though¬†it isn‚Äôt home to an¬†National Football League¬†team. But it does have a long history of betting related to the NFL, going back to 1976. That‚Äôs more than three times as high as the searches in Alabama, No. 50 …

Delaware Council on Gambling

Gaming, social media can help set up kids for gambling issues

Betsy PriceCulture, Headlines

With the advent of March Madness and the NCAA’s national basketball tournament comes an avalanche of flashy ads for websites encouraging people to bet on games. But if you think that’s the first time a child is exposed to the evils of a modern world bent on addicting youth to gambling, think again, says John Schmidt, the prevention services coordinator …