Purses stolen from restaurants in the North Wilmington area has disturbed people hearing about them on next-door.com. (Mathias Reding photo from Pexels)

Disturbing crimes: Ransacked and stolen purses

Ken MammarellaBusiness, Headlines

Two recent social media posts about purses being stolen or ransacked offer timely warnings to avoid becoming victims of crime. Both posts on nextdoor.com were secondhand, but they resonated with dozens of people who made comments. “WARNING,” Sarah Brase-Davis began her post, noting that her aunt had her credit and debit cards stolen after shopping at the Costco in Christiana. …

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Sportsmen object to Jennings’ backing of gun purchase code

Charles MegginsonGovernment, Headlines

The leader of Delaware’s largest firearm advocacy group says a letter penned by the state’s attorney general Monday is just another example of her desire to go after Delawareans’ guns.  “There are certain people who just do not feel that everybody has the right to own a gun,” said Jeff Hague, president of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association. “This is …