The Brandywine Restaurant

Here’s what to expect at the Brandywine Restaurant

Pam GeorgeCulture, Headlines

Nothing gets Wilmington residents quite as excited as a new restaurantā€”unless itā€™s a celebrity sighting. I recently experienced both thrills on one evening.Ā  The Brandywine Restaurant at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave.ā€”which many call ā€œthe old Michael Christopherā€™s buildingā€ā€”had an invitation-only preview, and Brent Celek, a former Philadelphia Eagles tight end, was in attendance. I donā€™t follow sports, so I relied on …

Bardea Steak

What it’s like to eat at Bardea Steak

Pam GeorgeFood, Headlines

  We fully intended to get a steak. After all, thatā€™s what carnivores normally do when visiting a steakhouse. But once we enteredĀ Bardea Steakā€™sĀ sleek space, we succumbed to the allure of the unexpected. And thereā€™s much thatā€™s surprising about the new Market Street restaurant in the heart of downtown Wilmington. The steakhouse quietly opened this week with nary a phone …