Biden visits left Delaware police with $400K bill

Jacob OwensGovernment, Headlines

President Joe Biden’s frequent trips back to his home state have become routine to most Delawareans more than three years into his term, but the scores of trips have also become a drain on state coffers and the downtime of troopers. Last year, Biden returned to Delaware 30 times, or nearly three times the number of visits as those to …

Pokorny Adams Street

More fines for Pokorny, whose rentals were closed in 2022

Staff WriterGovernment, Headlines

The city of Wilmington  had impossed $33,000 fines agaisnt the man whose seven Adams Street properties were summarily shut down in 2002, dumpling dozens of people onto the streets. The move agaisnt Adolf J. Pokorny’s property shocked much of Wilmington and Delaware.. Now, the city says, the property owner has made virtually no progress in 18 months to correct structural …

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Breast Cancer fundraisers spread through September, October

Terry RogersCulture

  Although October is recognized as breast cancer awareness month, community partnership breast cancer awareness events and fundraisers begin to take place in September. The cooler fall weather provides a great opportunity for the community to plan or support a DBCC partnership. Partnership events help our organization support survivors in our state who have, and who are currently battling breast …