‘Super crazy’ is how Delaware beach rental agents describe 2021 bookings

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This is one of the houses for rent in Rehoboth Beach at



Anyone looking for a Delaware beach vacation this year better get their reservations soon.

Rentals are booking up.

“This season is super, super, super, super crazy,” said Heather Knowles, rental manager of ReMax Realty Group in Rehoboth. “Everything’s booking.”

It doesn’t matter what size space. Everything from tiny efficiencies on the beach to huge homes miles away are getting attention.

Bottom line: People are ready to go on vacation. They don’t want to wait until the normal season either.

Usually the season doesn’t start until Memorial Day weekend, said Knowles, but this year it started in March.

“More people are looking to travel,” said Christina Lingo, rental manager for Lingo Realty. “We have been extremely busy.”

Not only have they made the season longer, they are staying longer. Knowles said she has bookings for stays from seven days to six weeks.

Besides coming for vacation, people are also coming because they can work anywhere, so why not at the beach?

Some people are using short-term rentals while waiting to find a place to move here permanently, she said.

On top of that, there’s no huge rate increases this year, and it’s a recipe for crowds.

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“Last year was a whirlwind of activity, but we’ll definitely be busier this year,” said Lingo.

“Everyone is super ready for vacation,” said Aiste Stanley, owner of Trabeona Travels of Millsboro.

Since mid-March she’s been bombarded with people looking to get out. Those who want to “lay low” and not have to worry about having to take part in mandatory COVID-19 testing to come home are filling up the local beaches, she said.

She has clients who are looking to take a honeymoon that got canceled last year because of the pandemic, she said.

“People still want a cool vacation,” she said

Rehoboth has done a good job in helping provide more services for people, said Lingo. While many of her clients are renting houses that have full kitchens, pools and outdoor grills, a lot more go on vacation to not have to worry about cooking.

Rehoboth is again allowing downtown restaurants to open outside in partitioned off areas of the streets to provide alfresco dining to those people who don’t want to be inside just yet.

While the agents are saying they are booking up, they are also telling people to call.

The hot housing market has people buying and becoming investors, and Knowles said that means she get new listings every day.


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