Ellendale Fire Co. Fire trucks rock throwing

Fire trucks going to help Sussex company pelted with rocks

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Ellendale Fire Co.Fire trucks rock throwing

Two of three Ellendale Fire Co. trucks reponding to a call from Greenwood were damaged by rocks being thrown at them.

Several fire trucks responding Monday to help the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Co. were damanged by people throwing rocks at them, the Ellendale Fire Co. said in a Facebook post.
It said two of its three Ellendale trucked were damaged, including broken windows, in the area of Market Street and the Greenwood Post office in Greenwood.
Trucks belonging to three other fire companies also were hit with rocks, the post said.
It asked anyone with information about the rock throwing to contact Greenwood Police Department at 302-349-4822, the post asked.
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The state fire marshal’s office is investigating a blaze in Greenwood that led to rock throwing at firetrucks. Photo
from Greenwood Fire Co. Facebook post.

Commenters on the post said they were shocked and particularly saddened that violence would be aimed at first responders.
One suggested that whoever started the fire at 12655 First Street probably was throwing the rocks.
“Please don’t think that all residents of Greenwood are like this,” wrote Fonda Swartzentruber. “We are actually good people.”

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