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Fauci’s still hanging by a strap in Rehoboth arcade

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A doll of Dr. Anthony Fauci, top left, hangs in a Rehoboth Beach arcade game. Photo by Kim Hoey.


A doll of Dr. Anthony Fauci is still hanging by a face mask strap in a Rehoboth arcade.

The doll, which some attributed political meaning to, caused a political rumble at the beach a few weeks ago.

It hangs in a Zelky’s Beach Arcade machine with a lot of dolls drawn from the political world, including Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan dolls.

General manager Matt Weiner said he wanted Fauci to have a mask, his quintessential accessory, and couldn’t believe the spin that people put on it.

The incident boiled down to one group of people being upset and posting on social media, he said.

“One group had a problem,” Weiner said.

Several people said it looked like all the dolls were smiling while they looked at the hanging Fauci.

If anything, the controversy made the game more popular, Weiner said.

Weiner had hoped the arcade’s new games and expanded space this summer would get more attention than the contents of one game.

“We’re just happy everyone is out ready to have fun,” he said. “Everyone is in good spirits and we’re trying to provide a great experience for everyone.”
Zelky’s Beach Arcade has been on the boardwalk since 1985, with three locations. The Fauci and Trump dolls are located at the one the farthest south.
Weiner said the arcade is almost out of dolls for the machine, with most of  Trump dolls gone, so the Fauci doll will probably be taken down in the next week or two.

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