Dupont will spend $50 million to build a new plant in Glasgow.

DuPont will build new $50 million plant in Newark

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Dupont will spend $50 million to build a new plant in Glasgow.

Dupont will spend $50 million to build a new plant in Glasgow.

DuPont Semiconductor Technologies will expand its Newark campus by building a $50 million, 385,000-square-foot facility in  nearby Glasgow.

The company, a business unit of DuPont Electronics & Industrial, had searched site in northern Delaware and Maryland before decided to build in Delaware.

The new facility is expected to become the primary work site for more than 70 existing workers and to create about 10 new positions.

“DuPont materials for chemical mechanical planarization are an essential part of the semiconductor supply chain, used by customers around the world in highly sensitive semiconductor chip fabrication,” said John Singer, vice president of Integrated Operations, DuPont Electronics & Industrial. “

Having a new plant near the current facility allows the company to “continue to have close collaboration with our experienced colleagues in operations, engineering, quality and other interconnected teams,” Singer said.

DuPont origins

DuPont, which started as a gunpowder manufacturer on the banks of the Brandywine River, now is a multi-industrial leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life.

The semiconductor company delivers enabling materials for semiconductor fabrication, packaging and assembly. In Delaware, it manufactures key materials used in chemical mechanical planarization, an essential step in making of modern semiconductors.

Consumers use semiconductors daily for data storage, automotive electronics, cloud computing, online collaboration and 5G wireless communication, and the demand for them continues to increase.

Poised for a decade of growth, the industry is projected to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030.

Supporting DuPont Electronics & Industrial’s investment of $50 million in equipment and fit out costs are a state Jobs Performance Grant of $65,550 and a Capital of Expenditure Grant of $1,578,000 from the Delaware Strategic Fund.

Distribution of grants from the Delaware Strategic Fund is dependent on the company meeting commitments as outlined to Delaware’s Council on Development Finance, which reviewed and approved the company’s request for up to $1,643,550.

“The DuPont Company has been part of Delaware’s DNA for 220 years,” said Gov. John Carney. “With this expansion of their semiconductor division, the company is showing their commitment to our state and workforce.”


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