DoMore24 Junior League of Wilmington Stand Up. Period.

DoMore24: Your chance to help nonprofits you like

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DoMore24 Junior League of Wilmington Stand Up. Period.

The Junior League of Wilmington plans to use any money it receives during DoMore24 to help support its Stand Up, Period, program.

If there’s a Delaware nonprofit you like, your donation to it next week could help the organizations win prize or matching money to stretch their budgets.

DoMore24 Delaware returns at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 2, and ends at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 3.

In those 24 hours, 500 Delaware nonprofits will welcome contributions and also be entered into a variety of contests and matching fund events that total $625,000 from 25 organizations.

One contest, for example, offers a $500 prize to the first 20 organizations to get 25 individual donors.

James Spadola, executive director of Read Aloud Delaware, has already promised to kick off the event with the cringiest collection of bad puns and dad jokes that he can find as way to help the literacy group win that $500 again. Last year, it raised $13,000. (Donate to them here)

One of the largest pools of prize money comes from the Delaware Division of the Arts, which will offer $400,000 in matching funds for arts and culture organizations.

Last year, 62 arts and culture organizations set a record by raising $989,019, according to the Division of the Arts.

“Your donation to Delaware’s arts organizations not only helps the arts thrive, but your gift unlocks additional funding for the organizations through a special grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts,” said Jessica Ball, head of the organization, “Together, your gifts can shape the future of the cultural sector in our state.”

Organizations like the Delaware Symphony Orchestra are making sure their donors know DoMore24 is coming up.

“Your support is as important as ever as we continue to celebrate our 117th year and prepare for next year’s exciting season of concerts and community engagement programs,” said an email from J.C. Barker, executive director of the organization. It included a link directly to its donor site, which hopes to raise $100,000.

DoMore24 history

Organized jointly by United Way of Delaware and Spur Impact, the 2022 DoMore24 event raised $2.5 million for participating organizations.

The amount raised each year has climbed each year since the program’s debut in 2016.

“The culture of philanthropy in Delaware and the Delaware nonprofit sector depends on the generosity of many individual donors,” said Charlie Vincent, executive director of Spur Impact. “We are proud that so many Delaware nonprofits participate and activate their donors and supporters — particularly younger board members and donors — around this great event.

“Our goal for 2023 is to get even more Delawareans to support and donate to their favorite nonprofits as part of this year’s giving day.”

Also supporting the program are the Longwood Foundation, Delaware Division of the Arts, Barclays US Consumer Bank, Discover Bank, Chemours, Welfare Foundation, Crestlea Foundation, Laffey-McHugh Foundation, Carl M. Freeman Foundation and Delaware Community Foundation.

Taylor Drainer DoMore24 Junior League

Taylor Drainer

The Junior League of Wilmington plans to use any funds to further its Stand Up. Period program. It provides period packs to help young women during their menstrual cycle.

Beyond raising money, said president Taylor Drainer — the first Black woman to head the organization founded in 1918 — DoMore24 also helps raise awareness of an organization and the programs it supports.

Stand Up. Period. is designed to help people living in poverty be able to manage their menstrual cycles and participate fully in their lives by providing period packs that include tampons, napkins and period underwear.

A year’s worth of period supplies costs about $200, the program said.

“Funds raised will ultimately go toward member training to become better advocates of the space, giving us the ability to go out and serve our community through providing period kits, providing education, and, ultimately, making sure that the Junior League in years to come can continue to make that impactful change,” Drainer said.

The Junior League exists to train women volunteers and also to serve those with few resources, especially women and children, she said.

“In order for us to continue that mission and continue for junior league women throughout the generations, we need the support from our fellow Delawareans,” she said. “That’s why DoMore24 is so important to us as well as other nonprofits in the Delaware area.”


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