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Leadership Delaware

UD Men’s Tennis Shares Love of Game with Wilmington Youngsters

Talk about great role models! The University of Delaware men’s tennis team recently spent an afternoon sharing their love of the game with students at Highlands Elementary School in Wilmington. Six members of the team and new Head Men's Tennis...

TSD Q&A: Chris Long of Intercollegiate Studies Institute talks Delaware, college campuses and staying current

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has the mission of "educating for liberty," which, since 1953, has meant working on college campuses to "advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous." This national organization makes its home in...

The Boggs Scholarship — A Tribute to a Life of Public Service

Earlier this month, on June 17th, we visited the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC. To me, it was a treasure just to celebrate Father’s Day as a family - my father and his wife, my wife and...

What Makes A Speech Great?

Most of us have had the opportunity to attend an event where a person makes a speech that leaves the audience murmuring: “That was a great speech.”  The event need not be a grand affair, the speaker of great...

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

The other day, I heard Paula Cole’s song, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone,” in which she lamented the disappearance of chivalry and decency in relationships between men and women.  As I consider myself somewhat of a Weird Al...

TSD Q&A: Leadership Delaware's Terry Strine

Terry and Sandy Strine founded Leadership Delaware four years ago to address what they saw as the need to provide leadership training, mentoring and networking opportunities for rising young Delaware leaders. The program is currently recruiting candidates for its...

Life As A Foster Parent

Last week was bittersweet for my family.  On Friday, our two little girls left us to live with another family.  This is not the tragedy it may first appear to be, nor are we incapable of caring for kids,...

Is Summer School Cool?

After my last post on parental involvement a week ago, a good friend of mine let me know about two issues on which I could have been much clearer.  First, I singled out specific organizations for establishing initiatives to...

Parental Involvement The Key To School Improvement

When I was in fourth grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Oliver.  She used to watch me like a hawk to make sure that I was doing everything that I needed to do to be successful.  You see,...

The Symbolism Of Ethanol

As a current fellow of the 2011 Leadership Delaware class, I had the opportunity to hear varying opinions on the topic of renewable energy during the June meeting of our class. One topic of particular interest was the continued subsidizing...
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Latest News

COVID cases decline; more than 200,0000 vaccines given; state continues testing

The state has created a way for people to report violations of the state's vaccine policy

UD ramps up restrictions designed keep COVID cases from continuing to climb

The university brought 4,000 students back to campus for spring and one of the new rules says they are not allowed to have visitors.

New program allows people to dine out and help raise money for Do More 24 campaign

Restaurants will offer specials, and a portion of the sales will be donated, but that portion will be paid by a sponsor.
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