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Kevin Noonan on Sports

Hard to imagine a summer without the Blue Rocks at Frawley Stadium

The Kansas City Royals are a small-market team, but they have a big heart. And that’s good news for Blue Rocks fans. Of course, there really is no news about the Blue Rocks, because, like everybody else in professional baseball,...

Here are the greatest Delaware athletes to play (almost) every sport

Delaware hasn’t had many real superstars in sports, with the notable exceptions of Randy White in football and Elena Delle Donne in women’s basketball. The First State has had many first-rate athletes, of course, but there’s a good chance...

Middletown’s Godwin prepares to receive Tom Brady’s passes – and a new paycheck

Last year, Chris Godwin got the fame. This year, he’s going to get the fortune. Godwin, the former football All-Stater from Middletown High, had a breakout season in 2019 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In his third year in the...

The Five Greatest Sports Performances I Ever Saw in Person

The coronavirus epidemic has put a temporary halt to many things, including the world of sports. That, of course, is inconsequential compared to the millions of lives and careers that have been disrupted, but it’s also true that following...

Eagles’ Roseman Makes Big Splash with Cornerback Move

Just when we were starting to write a column questioning why the Eagles have been mostly dormant this NFL offseason, general manager Howie Roseman pulled off a stunner and acquired the Pro Bowl cornerback the Eagles so desperately need. After...

State Basketball Tournament is Canceled

Almost every article you see or hear on the news these days is about the coronavirus, and that includes the sports pages. Games and tournaments and entire seasons are being canceled and many games that will be held are barring...

Noonan’s Definitive List of the 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time

We recently came across somebody’s list of the best sports movies of all time and disagreed with many of their top 10 selections – which is the way it should be, since these lists are always subjective and different...

Basketball Needs Elena Delle Donne

A little while ago, I wrote a column suggesting it might be time for Elena Delle Donne to hang up her sneakers and retire from competitive basketball. At the time, my reasoning seemed reasonable – Delle Donne had just led...

DMA Hardwood Star Brian Cameron is on a Tear at Wesley

There are 413 schools that play Division III men’s college basketball, and each team has an average roster of about 15 players. That means there are about 6,195 players in Division III, and Brian Cameron of Wesley College is...

Eagles Offseason To-Do List: A New Secondary, Speedy Receivers

How you look at the Eagles’ 2019 season is all a matter of perspective. If you want to be positive, you can point to the four-game winning streak at the end of the season that pushed them into the NFL...
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Latest News

Delaware Parks and Recreation is up for a national award

If Delaware beats other finalists, it would be second state system to win award twice since it began in 1965.

Carney: All unemployment payments are temporary; look for a job

He said those on unemployment are required to look for a job and the state will look at that

At St. Edmond’s, the show must go on(line)

Virtual musical required rethinking songs, choreography and learning new timing over a Zoom delay
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