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Sunscreen And Skin Cancer

I’m not so sure global warming is a true issue, but there sure seems to be something going on with our atmosphere.  As a family physician, I’ve removed countless melanomas and pre-melanomas and other skin cancers at an alarming...

TSD Health Alert: BPH

BPH stands for benign prostatic hypertrophy.  All men will get enlargement of their prostate gland if they are fortunate to live long enough.  Some will get this in their 40’s, others much later.  It can be a factor earlier...

St. Anthony’s Italian Festival: King of the Summer Festivals?

It’s that time of year.   Time for different parts of our state to light up weekly with festival after festival – filled with tons of “fair food”, over priced rides, and entertainment for people of all ages.   Having been involved in...

Want to eat healthily? Forget pyramids and forget plates. Just move!

Growing up in the 90s, health education was ever-present in my middle- and high-school years. One stark memory I have was around fifth- or sixth-grade. In one of my classes, we were presented with this colorful pyramid thingie that featured...

To Ration Or Not To Ration, Is That The Question?

About twenty years ago, I left Washington and moved to Delaware to take a job at DuPont Merck.  Since then, I have spent nearly all of my working life in the life sciences industry.  This has given me a...

Coughs and Wives Tales…

So you have a very annoying cough with your respiratory infection.  STEP   AWAY   FROM   THE   COUGH   MEDICINES. Do not be in a hurry to spend your money. Why not?  80% of the time they either don’t help at all, or...

Fifteen Years To A Heart Attack

Anyone out there interested in getting a 15 year lead time on when you might have your very own heart attack? Well, you sure can. The  University of Pennsylvania Heart Club Cam folks have just the test for you. It...
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Latest News

Delaware passes 100,000 COVID-19 cases

The number of variant cases continue to rise, but the state only tested 92 samples last week.

Spartans use big fifth inning to hold off Sallies at Frawley 6-4

Christian Colmery pitched 5 innings of shutout ball

Help biodiversity by picking up native plant each time you go to nursery

Gradually adding natives to a garden will help it begin to add more to the state's biodiversity
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