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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Wellness Wednesday: Sticking to Your Resolutions

This Wednesday, we are almost a month into the new year, how's it going so far? Resolutions still intact? Are you working towards those goals? This Wednesday, I want you to look deep inside... What is driving you to live...

Wellness Wednesday: Stay Warm and Well!

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season brought you joy, happiness, but most of all, good health. As many of us have recently returned to work and school, don't forget about your health and wellness. This Wednesday, I want you...

Teaching Parents to Play

By now, most of us know that play is essential to the full development of children. Play teaches children social skills, patience, develops creativity, resilience, decreases stress and is just plain fun. However, in the world of soccer practice,...

Delaware Participates in National Depression Screening Day

With soaring gas prices, rising mortgages, and a recession possibly looming, no one can blame you for feeling anxious or overwhelmed. These days it is common and understandable to be angry, worried and even gloomy, especially if you lost...

Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention Requires Comprehensive Approach

Kudos to Shawn'Nise Gasby and Aliyah Bonsu, who took 4th place at the Delaware Teen Idol Competition in August for their song about teen pregnancy – an issue that disproportionately affects teens of color in the city of Wilmington. In fact,...

Delaware Tops in Lyme Disease

Delaware has been #1 or #2 in Lyme disease incidence each year for the past five years, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Such facts and challenges were highlighted at an educational fundraiser on June 6 at the...

Surprise! Five of the Worst Kids' Foods in Your Kitchen

I will forever be teased by my family for trying to pass organic raisins as a snack for my daughter’s soccer team.  I was pretty much laughed off the field. So I let it go when the brownies come...

Visualize, Affirm & Achieve

I am a firm believer in visualization. If there's something I want I will visualize it, create it in my mind, affirm that it will happen, stay positive and believe until it becomes a reality. One of my favorite...

Why aren't we feeding our kids better school lunches?

  When the topic of school food is raised, the comment I hear most frequently is “it’s all about education.” While I used to agree, lately I believe it’s not so simple. For over ten years, the non-profit organization I...

Make Vacation Season a Safe One!

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in children 14 and under. Unfortunately these devastating events occur more frequently in the summer. Visits to the ER for minor injuries also escalate in the summer. Some aspects of our...
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Latest News

Carney: No new restrictions; hopes rise in new cases will slow

State officials urged people to continue to be tested and to sign up for vaccinations

Meet the incoming president of Salesianum School

Tom Kardish said he will focus on challenging, supporting students as they grow into people God wants them to be

Delaware opens vaccine pipeline, but says it will follow federal pause on J&J shot

Also, Division of Public Health announced it will stop using Johnson & Johnson vaccine for the time being
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