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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Rick Jensen's Beer Snob: The Best Superbowl Beer

My pal Charlie says the best Superbowl beer is the one that actually brings fabulous supermodel babes to your side from nowhere to serve your every whim like they do in TV commercials.  Since no nearly emaciated, fabulously silicone-and-botox-enhanced-”don’t-touch-my-hair”-paradise-primadonna...

Ole Tapas Offers Tasty Small Bites

Sunday nights aren’t typically the best night to go out to try a relatively new restaurant. Folks tend to stay in and you won’t necessarily get an idea for the type of crowd a restaurant can’t handle at maximum...
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Latest News

Long lines started last night at state parks to grab surf tag vouchers

Across several Facebook groups,  people posted about long lines and the excitement and disbelief at the surf tag craze.

How Winterthur handles pests (and how you can, too)

Winterthur follows an integrated pest management policy, meaning that it doesn’t use pesticides. ‘In lieu of chemicals, we vacuum a lot,’ its expert said.

Delaware libraries give soundproof booths a trial run in Sussex

The wheelchair-accessible booths are equipped with computers to allow people to access telehealth services, online job interviews or even legal appointments.
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