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Sunday, May 16, 2021


He goes after low-digit license plates: 1, C1, PC1, 2, …

  Just 32 items – including 354, C122 and PC65 – will finish Jordan Irazabal’s 13-year quest for photos of Delaware’s lowest license plates, which often have tremendous sentimental and cash value. It all began in 2007 when he saw a...

Voters jam polls all day; governor says state expects record turnout

  Joan Bernard of Greenville thought she had the wrong place when she went to vote Tuesday afternoon at the Blue Ball Barn. "There wasn't anybody there," she said. She had been hearing stories about long lines from friends and relatives...

Fewer drivers because of COVID could mean more deer on road now

  Because the COVID-19 pandemic has put fewer drivers on the road, there have been fewer reports of collisions with animals, and it's possible there could be more deer on the road during mating season this fall. That white-tailed tidbit popped...

Winterthur’s new multimedia show promises to be yule star

  If one of your Christmas traditions is touring spectacularly decorated spaces in the region in that crammed timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is not the season for tradition. The Brandywine River Museum of Art unveils part its holiday display...

New Castle County builds communities by giving away little libraries

    It was more than a year ago when New Castle County Council member Dee Durham was first asked by residents if “neighborhood book exchange boxes” were legal. They weren’t. Probably. As outside storage of household items, they could be a...
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Latest News

COVID-19 stats continue decline as vaccinations rise

344,780 Delawareans, or 44.4% of the eligible population, are fully vaccinated as of Friday a.m.

12-year-old spots fire at neighbor’s house in Bear

With the help of his father, “cool and collected’ Bear resident Sam Witman extinguishes the fire.

Carney: Mask mandate ending May 21

Gov.  John Carney on Friday announced that – effective May 21 – the State of Delaware will lift its requirement that Delawareans and visitors...
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