Kim Stock (State of Delaware)

4 quick takeaways on Tuesday’s school board votes

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Kim Stock (State of Delaware)

Kim Stock (State of Delaware)


Four takeaways on Tuesday’s school board elections across Delaware:

• The most prominent newcomer  is in the Brandywine School District: Kim Stock, the 2021 Delaware Teacher of the Year.

“Abandoned as a child in South Korea, Stock said she does not know her age, birth place or given name,” the state wrote last year about the McKean High teacher. “Now Stock tries to be the one opening those doors for her students, starting by better preparing her colleagues to instruct them.”

• Incumbents on the Christina and Woodbridge school boards on Tuesday lost their re-election campaigns.

• Turnout was generally low, as it usually is for school board elections. The lowest was in Colonial, with 0.54%. The highest was in Brandywine, with 9.8%. Tuesday’s vote count in Brandywine was more than three times higher than any school board vote in the district in the last five years.

• In contested races where the teachers union endorsed one candidate and a year-old conservative group called Patriots for Delaware endorsed another, the union-backed candidate won.

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Unofficial results, upstate

Brandywine District F: Kim Stock, 5,343; Tanya Hettler, 1,976; Scott Gesty, 83. Turnout 9.8%.

Christina District F: incumbent Warren Howell, 921; Naveed Baqir, 1,506. Christina District G: incumbent Susan Mitchell, 950; Delilah Starcks, 396; Donald Patton, 1,195. Turnout 2.11%.

Colonial District C: incumbent Richard Schiller Jr., 189; Grandville Brown,168. Turnout 0.54%.

Red Clay District F: Kecia Nesmith, 3,527; Janyce Colmery, 1,210; Rafael Ochoa, 1,137. Turnout 5.29%.

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Unofficial results, downstate

Cape Henlopen at large: incumbent Janis Hanwell, 3,108; Ashley Murray, 1,212. Turnout 7.86%.

Delmar at large: incumbent Dawn Turner, 281; Russell Smart, 225. At large: incumbent Farrah Morelli, 304; Lawrence Sinagra, 105; Carol Ann Harrington, 96. Turnout 9.24%.

Lake Forest at large: incumbent Earle Dempsey, 189; Camuron Young, 62. Turnout 1.22%.

Laurel at large: David Nichols, 147; Ivy Bonk, 71; Joseph Deiter, 140. Turnout 3.06%.

Smyrna at large: Diane Eastburn, 387; Charlie Wilson, 660. Turnout 3.58%.

Woodbridge at large: incumbent Danielle Taylor, 346; Elaine Gallant, 376. Turnout 5.98%.

Uncontested races

Uncontested races upstate: Incumbent Richard A. Forsten in Appoquinimink; incumbent Monica Moriak in Christina; and Joseph T. Laws in Colonial.

Uncontested races downstate: Michael A. Marasco in Caesar Rodney; Chanda Jackson in Capital; Adam Brownstein and incumbent Scott L. Fitzgerald in Milford; and Kimberly Hopkins in Seaford.

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