Salons rev up to take more clients; sports tournaments can play ball again


Pagave receptionists take calls

Hairstylist Paul Van Liew was scrambling over the weekend to order supplies so he can install plastic shields between his clients at Pagavé Salon and Spa in Independence Mall.

He’s happy that Gov. John Carney has said salons could start taking clients up to 60 percent of their stated fire code capacity.

But Van Liew said he’s going to need some more safety equipment to do it.

“People are watching,” he said.


His salon is large enough that its stations are already eight feet apart. But clients still have to cross paths and sometimes sit a bit more closely for a few minutes for specific procedures. One of his clients recently told him she was unhappy that while she was at the chemical station, another client took off her mask as her hair dye was processing.

“She was probably eight feet away, but people are watching,” Van Liew said. “They’re scared.”

Carney on Friday OKed salons adding more customers and allowed adult and youth sports tournaments to resume as the state continues to reopen for business and recreation in the wake of the novel coronavirus.


The moves were the 22nd modification of Carney’s State of Emergency order issued in March to try to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“We want Delawareans to get outside and enjoy the summer. But everyone should keep in mind that COVID-19 is still active in Delaware,” Carney said in a press release.

“Our goal is to limit community spread of the virus to protect lives, and Delaware’s hard-fought progress against this disease.

“Please wear a face covering. Stay at least six feet away from others outside your household. Wash your hands frequently. This is a deadly disease – especially for our most vulnerable – and that’s the best way to reduce our risk. Stay vigilant.”

The salon ruling went into effect Monday, but the sports ruling went into effect Saturday. To resume, the tournaments must have had prior approval of a tournament-specific safety plan by the Division of Public Health.

Those plans must include a method to collect contact information for all players, staff, coaches, officials and spectators, as well as team rosters and game schedules. That is needed in order to track the spread of COVID-19 in the event of an outbreak.

Salons had previously been limited to serving only 30 percent of their capacity.

Van Liew estimated that he had only been able to serve about 20 percent consistently to maintain safety with and for his five stylists.

Pagave Salon and Spa in Independence Mall. Photo courtesy of Paul Van Liew


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