Newark Police investigate racist flyers targeting Asian and Asian American students at UD

Newark Police are investigating reports of flyers deemed racist targeting Asian and Asian American students at the University of Delaware

Newark Police are investigating several reports of flyers deemed racist targeting Asian and Asian American students, especially Chinese students and scholars, that were left on cars and doorsteps at several apartment complexes.

On June 14, residents of some Newark apartment complexes reported to Newark Police that flyers stating “Kill Chinese Virus” had been left at the doors of their apartments or on vehicles in the apartment complexes, causing them concern.

According to Newark Police, flyers were distributed at School Lane Apartments and Pinebrook Apartments. Police also heard that similar flyers were found at the Fairfield Apartments and One Easton Apartments.

TSD has requested to see a copy of the flyers and will consider sharing that information if it becomes available.


The University of Delaware responded to the news by issuing a letter to parents and students.

In the letter, school administrators call the flyer campaign “racist and xenophobic.” They also affirmed their support of students by stating that “the entire University community stands in solidarity with you during these most challenging of times.”

In the letter, Provost Robin Morgan, Dean of Students Adam Cantley, and Associate Deputy Provost Ravi Ammigan wrote, “All of us are appalled that this has occurred in our community, and we send our support to the victims and to all individuals who may have fears about being targeted. As UD President Assanis explained in his recent message to the UD community, the University of Delaware condemns all forms of hate and discrimination.”


The letter, also distributed to student leaders in the Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) community, included information on support resources available to members of the University community and concluded, “UD remains committed to ensuring a welcoming, respectful environment for all members of the UD community. We are here for you.”

Anyone with information about these flyers, or who has video of them being distributed, is asked to contact Detective W. Anderson at 302-366-7100, ext. 3469 or send an email to [email protected]. Additional methods for providing information to Newark Police can be found on the department’s tips page.

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  • Wouldn’t real journalism show the actual flyer? On what factual basis is the claim these flyers were “targeting Asian and Asian American students?” Did the flyers say more than “Kill Chinese Virus?” Other than the reference to the “Chinese Virus,” was there any racist language or graphics?

    The virus started in China. That is a fact. China delayed reporting it to the WHO and the world. After locking down Wuhan Province, the Chinese government permitted more than 450,000 Chinese to fly to all parts of the world, which led to the virus going pandemic. Clearly there is a factual basis for referring to its Chinese origin. Some in the media have referred to it as the China or Wuhan Virus. Is that now a thought crime?

    I understand the current environment for thought policing and enforcement is very trendy, and any questioning of this is considered itself a crime. But I still believe in the First Amendment. I also oppose racism of any sort. But I don’t consider the term “Chinese Virus” in and of itself “racist and xenophobic.”

    Please show us the flyer in question so that readers can decide on their own the true nature of the flyer.

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