Beau Biden Scholarship winners named – seniors get financial awards for college

Top row: Allison Dayton, Jacqueline Means and Greg Fleming. Bottom row: Kaila McCabe, Corinne Furey and Sofia Alvarez.

More than $25,000 in scholarship funds have been awarded to six graduating high school seniors in honor of Beau Biden, Delaware’s former Attorney General.

The Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship was established by the I Could Do Great Things Foundation, founded in 2009 by Stuart M. Grant and Suzanne B. Grant of Wilmington.

Awarded annually, the scholarship honors the late Biden, who passed away in 2015 at age 46, by recognizing college-bound high school seniors from Delaware “who embody the virtues of Beau Biden, who exhibit qualities of leadership, community, civility, respect, and a strong moral compass.”

This years recipients were selected out of a pool of 100 applicants.  They include three award winners and three finalists who will receive scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $1000.
Allison Dayton of Seaford, Jacqueline Means of Wilmington and Greg Fleming of Wilmington were awardees.
Ms. Dayton, a graduating senior of Sussex Academy receives the Scholarship’s Gold Award of $10,000 and will be heading to Gettysburg College in the fall. Ms. Means, also a Gold Award recipient, is a 2020 graduate of Delaware Military Academy and is going to the University of Delaware. Mr. Fleming is graduating from Sanford School and is heading to Georgetown University. He receives the Bronze Award of $2,500.
Three finalists will each receive $1,000 awards. They are Sofia Alvarez, Corinne Furey and Kaila McCabe. Ms. Alvarez, a 2020 graduate of Archmere Academy, is heading to the Honors program at the University of Delaware in the fall. Ms. Furey, a 2020 graduate of Ursuline Academy, will be attending Harvard University. Ms. McCabe is graduating from Indian River High School and will be attending the University of Delaware.
The Beau Biden Scholarship selection committee commented that, “Allison, Jacqueline and Greg have consistently demonstrated the highest standard of leadership, service and compassion in their school and local communities. Each recipient exemplifies Beau’s legacy of service and accomplishment and we expect that they will each go on to do great things.”
The selection committee explained, “One of the things that truly impressed us was how our two Gold Award recipients have transformed their previous community service efforts into COVID-19 era efforts. As busy high school graduating seniors, they have had their lives and plans upended. These two young women have refocused their work on making meaningful contributions to the most vulnerable and underserved populations in their respective communities. In the true spirit of Beau, they chose to think about how they could help others and truly make a difference during this challenging time.”
More on the 2020 Beau Biden Memorial Gold and Bronze Scholarship recipients:
Allison Dayton – Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Gold Award
This bright, enthusiastic young woman describes her happiness as she delivers meals to home-bound seniors who “have wisdom to share and deserve someone to share it with.”
During her time serving warm meals to homeless people in her local area, Allison vowed to “do everything I could to help people feel encouraged by their communities, despite their hardships.”
One teacher described Allison as “one of the sharpest, most meticulous, and dependable individuals with whom I have ever worked.” A Sussex Academy counselor wrote that “Alli gives a significant amount of time helping others simply because it feels good. Her whole face lights up and then shifts to distress when she talks about her work in a local homeless shelter.”  
Jacqueline Means – Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Gold Award
Jacqueline has already accomplished what many would only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime. A battalion commander, award-winning marksman and competitive cheerleader, Jacqueline looked around her Wilmington community and the young girls who might have been overlooked at school and founded Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative for Girls.
This organization is designed to “inspire young, impoverished girls to participate in STEM in an innovative, fun and academically inspiring way.”
Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long wrote that it is exciting to see a young woman like Jacqueline: “who has a keen interest in societal issues…formulate a response and has the confidence and ability to work with both public and government officials.” Another highly respected community member described her as “an aspiring, emerging leader.” Jacqueline has already accomplished great things and surely has a bright future ahead.

Greg Fleming – Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Bronze Award
A proven leader, Greg has held positions in student government and worked his way through the highest ranks of leadership in the Boy Scouts.
Greg stands out as someone who exhibits the qualities of Beau as the chair of a school organization called The Situation Room where he “learned a great deal about government and politics as well as how to civilly discuss controversial topics…to create a place where any student can feel respected, regardless of their political beliefs or prior knowledge.”
More details about the Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship are available on the Foundation’s site at

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