Wilmington’s Sugarfoot gourmet cafe closes

A choice spot for delicious lunches and a pillar of the gourmet catering landscape has closed.

In a letter posted on social media earlier today, Sugarfoot Fine Food and Gourmet Catering owner Anne Day announced that her Wilmington cafe in the Devon had closed.

“It is with a touch of bittersweetness and a dash of hope that I announce the closure,” Day wrote in message addressed to “friends.”


Day opened the catering business – and the original storefront location on Lincoln Street – in 1999.  She said her aim had been to “bring organic, West Coast culinary style to Delaware.”  Day thanked her loyal customers and said she would miss “so many smiling faces” at breakfast and lunch each day.

Sugarfoot inside The Devon had white dining tables where you could see lots of lunchtime regulars

She did not share a reason for the closure.

Anne Scott was one of the shop’s many fans who was saddened by the news.

“Their location at the Devon had such a relaxed atmosphere. You really ran into people there … the food was just really spectacular … you could get a good salad you to get a good sandwich,” said Scott.


“I loved their avocado salad, their chicken salad. Their soups were really good. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like. And if I really wanted to be decadent, I loved the grilled cheese tomato and bacon, with delicious bread, sharp cheddar cheese, crisp bacon – I’m going to miss lunch at Sugarfoot,” said Scott.

Scott also said with the last year’s departure of Moveable Feast and the more recent closing of De La Coeur, the closing of Sugarfoot is significant. ”

You know, when I’m running around , sometimes I want to stop in somewhere and grab a good bite. Something that’s delicious, high quality and healthy. “There’s really not that many places to do that in anymore in that in a personal, privately-owned and non-chain kind of a place,’ said Scott.

Another Sugarfoot customer and friend, Anna Biggs, reflected on how the cafe had been such an important part of the local community – and her family’s life – over the past 20 years.

“I was so excited when she opened the little place on Lincoln Street,” said Biggs. “That was where we go with the kids. She had that Noah’s Ark toy, and we would keep them entertained while we were waiting for the delicious food.”

“The flavors and tastes were things you hadn’t seen before,” said Anna Biggs of Sugarfoot owner Anne Day.

“I remember there was a peanut butter and blueberry sandwich that my son Jack just loved, and of course she did the chicken nuggets that were not like any other chicken nuggets — they were amazing.”

Biggs said Day’s catering had transformed the local offerings, bringing lighter new cuisines and experimental flavors to a market that had been dominated by very traditional options.


“Anne was the person that everybody turned to because the food was just extraordinary. The bite sizes were just right. The flavors and tastes were things you hadn’t seen before. She was always looking to be on the cutting edge,” said Biggs.

Day’s message teased that she had future plans in mind.

“This may be farewell to the cafe, but the Sugarfoot story doesn’t end here.  In closing this wonderful chapter, I am hopeful for where my love of fresh food and innovative culinary design leads!”


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