Family of Slain Wilmington Woman Meets with Governor and AG, Seeking Answers

Susan Morrisey Ledyard’s body was found in the Brandywine River in July, 2019. Photo supplied by the Morrissey family

The family of a woman found murdered in the Brandywine River last summer met with Delaware Governor John Carney and Attorney General Kathleen Jennings about the case in January.

Looking to spark progress in the still-unsolved July 23 homicide of Susan Morrissey Ledyard, in December family members told TSD they requested a meeting with the state’s top prosecutor.
Susan Ledyard’s parents, brother and two sisters had separate meetings with Carney and the state’s top prosecutor.
According to Susan’s sister Missy Morrissey, the meetings – one with Carney, his chief of staff Sheila Grant and state homeland security secretary Robert Coupe, and one with Jennings and a top assistant – were held on January 28, each lasting over an hour.  Morrissey said the meetings left the family with “a positive feeling” about efforts to find the individual who killed her sister.
“We’re very grateful to the governor and attorney general and their staffs,” said Morrissey, who said the state leaders pledged the “best resources” available to solve the case.

In November, Delaware State Police ruled Susan Ledyard’s death a homicide

A spokesman for the attorney general declined to comment on the meeting saying it was policy not to discuss an ongoing investigation.
Police have been tight-lipped about the now seven-month-long investigation, and no suspects have been publicly identified in the mysterious case that began with Ledyard’s 3:00 am departure from her house the morning of her death. After parking her car near Walker’s Mill Road, Ledyard’s movements are unknown.  She was found dead by a construction worker around 8:00 am later that morning.
Significant unresolved questions about the case include:
Why did Susan Ledyard go to the location near Walker’s Mill Road in the early morning hours of July 23?
It is unclear why Ledyard may have left her house shortly before 3:00 am on July 23; police believe she traveled in her Honda Civic directly to the location where her car was found near Walker’s Mill Road by the Brandywine River.
How did she get from the spot her car was left to where her body was found three miles down river?
Police say they do not believe she entered the river where her car was parked given the many obstructions and rocky terrain.  It is unclear how or when Susan’s body entered the water downriver in the City of Wilmington.
How do police know what time she parked her car and that she was “active” for three hours following that?
Unclear.  Video evidence may identify the movements of her car and allow police to pinpoint timing details following her departure from her Riverview Avenue home.  It is unconfirmed what evidence might suggest she was alive for the next several hours.
Are there suspects? Has anyone been questioned in her murder? Do police believe she knew her killer?
No suspects have been named by police but there is also no indication the murder was a random crime.
What could be a possible motive for the crime?
Ledyard is said to have had a large circle of family and friends. Family members do not know of any reason someone would want to kill her.

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