Capriotti’s Rolls Out Impossible Cheese Steak, Smaller Subs Today

Capriotti’s introduced its new Impossible Cheese Steaks today at four locations in Wilmington and Hockessin. This is the new 5″ sub.

Customers flocked to Capriotti’s to check out some of the very first Impossible Cheese Steaks, which were officially added to their menu lineup today.

The Capriotti’s on Basin Road (141) sold out of their plant-based Impossible sandwiches during the lunch rush, sending the manager to another location for fresh supplies. The Basin Road location said they probably served 20 Impossible Cheese Steaks of a variety of sizes today.

One customer said he could tell the difference between the Impossible product and real meat, but that the sandwich works because of the added ingredients. “I think I like it because of all of the toppings — cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions and sweet peppers,” he said.

The classic white American cheese is the real thing, as Capriotti’s does not offer vegan cheese substitutes.

Seven stores now carry the Impossible Cheese Steak, which is highlighted in green on the menu wall and take-out menus. The stores in the greater Wilmington area include Union Street, Basin Road, Kirkwood Highway and Hockessin. Other stores will add the Impossible offering as employees become trained in working with the new food product.

Customers can expect to pay $1 to $2 more for the Impossible offering than the traditional Cheese Steak depending on the size they order.

The menu change also includes the addition of two other chicken sandwiches — Grilled Chicken Parm, with mushrooms, sweet peppers, marinara, provolone and Romano cheese, and BBQ Chicken Cheese Steak, with cole slaw, bbq sauce, Provolone cheese and crispy cheddar onions.

Capriotti’s also introduced a 5-inch “Half” sub today, which will range from $5.49 for the Chicken Cheese Steak to $6.99 for the Impossible Cheese Steak. 

Customers can now order a grilled version of The Bobbie, the world-famous Thanksgiving on a bun creation.

Perhaps the biggest changes to the Capriotti’s menu are the reduced sandwich sizes. The 9-inch Small is now 8 inches, the 12-inch Medium is now 10 inches, and the 20-inch Large has shrunk to 18 inches.


The smaller sub sizes come a month after Capriotti’s introduced new menu prices. Several food items went up.

For example, the small Bobbie and Grilled Italian are up 24 cents, and the same subs in the Large size are up 50 cents. The Medium Cheese Steak and Chicken Cheese Steaks are up a dollar, and the Medium Veggie Cheeseburger is up $1.50.

Curiously, the prices of the Vegetarian Chicken Cheese Steak dropped this year.


One store in Newark had the new sub sizes in place for a year, giving some Delawareans the chance to react to the changes. There are 15 Capriotties across the state.

The Capriotti’s in the Newark Shopping Center also tested the Impossible Cheese Steak and an Impossible Meatball Sub, which will be introduced in the spring.

The restaurant franchise born in Delaware and now numbering more than 100 stores nationwide.

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